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Ed Boys: One More Scam - Pilot

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A year after a scam went horribly wrong, Double D and Ed aparted ways with Eddy.
Double D got a teaching job and Ed works at a grocery store.
Double D picks Ed up and heads home but as he gets home he is greeted by a familiar face.

If this video gets some positive attention I'll be interested in making more episodes providing I also have voice actors to voice the characters.

Inspired by Facebook Group Ed Edd n Eddy Scamposting.

Animated by Agu Rex UD
Software used: BBlender 2.8 Grease Pencil, Hitflim Express and Krita.

#ededdneddy #lionxanimations #blendergreasepencil

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That's actually very interesting. Always wanted to see an "Aftermath" animation of Big Picture Show, like a few years or so after everything was said and done.

AguRex responds:

Oh... Thanks a lot. I'll resume the animation later this year

This looks good. You use blender too?

AguRex responds:

Hai... Thanks a lot.
I use blender and OpenToonz.

But I'm trying to focus more on using Blender for 3d backgrounds, objects or reference

OpenToonz will be my main 2d software... Found a lot of cool features.

The way you drew the characters is good, but I couldn't instantly recognise them in the first scene. With Ed's hair combed down, I later recognised him, and Edd with the sock's white stripes. On a second watch, I noticed the cues: skin colour, hairstyle, Eddy's chin, gap in teeth, general body shape vaguely similar to kid body, etc. So it's recognisable on short notice. Liked that you incorporated the two adults - one child theme with the Eds, underlined in the movie and some episodes. Music's good, drawing style's nice. I recommend this.

AguRex responds:

Hai... Thanks a lot. 😊

All this from a facebook shitposting group filled with racist trolls

the fuck even is the internet

Note: I'm a member from Scamposting

AguRex responds:

Someone posted some fanarts and everyone thought it would be great to see an animation or comic of it.

So I decided to make one and came up with a story after everyone gave some suggestions.

The group is lively especially with trolls 😊

This actually looks pretty interesting. An old classic with a darker, more grownup meaning

AguRex responds:

Well the direction of the story is similar to the movie. We came up with it from a Facebook group.