Day Of The Devil (2019)

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You guys remember the Siblings pilot short "Day of the Devil"? The one I made on June 6th, 2006? You know, 666? Where Rob rambles to John about the day and won't shut up about it. That one. Well, I decided a couple weeks ago that it'd be fun to celebrate the 13 year anniversary of my creation of said episode by recreating it in 3D! It isn't amazing or anything, but I think it holds up pretty well. Not bad for being done in about 3 weeks time. The original was made in a single day and was understandably bad, so it's an improvement on that anyway. Also worth noting, I had found some extra bits I didn't use in the original, so I spliced them into there. So it's like a director's cut!

And for the record: No I am not planning on doing this to all episodes of Siblings. I did it for this one because the original was bad quality and because of it being the 13 year anniversary. Would've made more sense as a 10 year anniversary, yes, but I didn't think of it then. Plus, 13 is an unlucky number, so it kind of fits.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2019
11:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original