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kinda rushed this toward the end, was kinda bummed out about it- feel free to chew me out on that lol

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stylish toon. the music, sounds, animation/art were all pretty well done. I liked those little tones/textures and shit like that. The style shifts subtly here and there through the toon, but to its advantage in my opinion. It doesnt feel inconsistent. Keeps it spicy and visually different or however you wanna say it.

Id say that the "person tryin to kill fly/mosquito" is a bit of a cliche/trope, but the toon still was entertaining despite that. didnt overstay its welcome.

ver good job felllas

I loved it!! Simple but very effective humor, charismatic character and I loved the art style. The animation option is also great.

I love this animation style. You say you rushed it but it still looks awesome. Some advice I'd like to give is whenever I do a long animation I always do the most difficult part as early on as I can so I can save easy stuff for last to keep the motivation fresh. but I mean my projects aren't nearly as amazing as yours. This is spectacular :)


Ok, by the way, i liked of types of backgrounds effects used.