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Box & Secret 3D

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Use your mind and founded items to open the boxes and find out what secret is stored inside. If you like "escape" games genre , then this game will surely entice you with the gameplay and won't let go until the end.

How to play:

- Use gestures to rotate the camera around.

- Double tap and back button are used to focus / defocus on selected element.

- After focusing on an element, you can use items by dragging them from the inventory slot.

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most of the levels were pretty fun, but the last one did not give enough to work with, the mechanic of drawing on the sides of the cube seemed pretty detached from the rest of the game, I feel like it would have worked much better if there had been any sort of visual feedback, as you don't get any confirmation that drawing on the sides even works at all until you get a letter correctly.

2nd Egyptian box you have to hold in the number button, spent an hour figuring that out.

My god the 1st egypt one was hard, Anubis Osiris and Ra I thought R was a K lol, the 2nd Egypt box didnt have any issues like the others, the metal safe was pretty hard, I needed to look in the comments, lastly the Battery Box, UN down arrow is confusing(maybe it was just me) since I dont get the reference, but once you start dragging your cursor around on each side, you start understanding it. The CUBE IS CODE is pretty smart lemme tell you. I love it since it was hard but not hard enough to the point of full confusion.

For the first cube, you have to draw letters to make a word. It gives you the first two letters. When you unlock that cube, you get a dial pad. The piece of paper you got with "cube is code" will help yu get a 4 digit code.

I really liked the concept, its really fun but like most of the people,
i am stuck at the light box with battery. I cant find a way to progress :(