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>It a book not a game. You can turn pages with arrow keys and with mouse (hold the edge of pages and pull them).

>Book may take long time to load due to 220 pages amount.

>Once I found a book in local archive and bought it for 10 cents. I decided to draw all over those book pages, using old typography as part of art style. Book's author is Leon Kruczkowski, a Polish writer. Art by me.

>There is a story in this surreal book, but the way it was crafted let you make up your own. Let me know what you imagined or think story is about.

DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/zerostas/art/Lone-Man-Interactive-Artbook-800035703

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minimalistic graphics over base text with some surreal meaning runing into thriller with killer using red paint instead of real blood. I CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE. surely cool idea what to do with old book. the left and right buttons are a bit broken, load time quiet long but over all not bad.

When I first started the story I must confess I was a bit close minded at the destruction of a book, but I continued on. I did enjoy the style of your story and even wondered (as I had never read the book) if you were re-telling 'the trap'. What I see is the story of man who faces a dull drudgery of a lonely, regimented, and joyless life. He is longing to be able to embrace something beautiful, pure and good (the dandelions in the field). Although the story seems to make it appear that he has stumbled upon a murder scene I believe that he is the murderer, though I don't know that he is fully aware of that fact. He believes he will be blamed for the murder of the young woman (probably rightly so) and does not report it deciding instead to hunt the killer. Pegging his neighbor as the killer the scene is set for more murder. The story itself is not explicit, but I believe he has then killed his neighbor 'the murderer' and fled to start a new life probably taking the identity of his murdered neighbor. As the story ends I get the impression that consciously or not he is fleeing the mayhem he has created to start the cycle again: drudgery, seeking beauty, trying to maintain control, destroying beauty, fleeing.. Perhaps he has done this many times before? Perhaps, but I think it is certain he will do so again, each time with a little less ability to maintain control.

All told I quite enjoyed the story, and your art style. It would be nice to have some subtitles as some of your text is a bit hard to read (I understand that it is artistically supposed to be, but I still want to be able to read it).

Edit: While I have not used InDesign more than just to toy with it quickly I think that you could add subtitles in the form of captions: though I believe that would be something that cannot be turned off by the end user. Below is adobes user guide reference for the addition of captions.


ZeroStas responds:

Thank you! While reading this I felt great. I indeed had idea of subtitles but I had no idea how to implement it since it was made on Indesign. I will keep this in mind for next installment.

it won´t load for me

ZeroStas responds:

For me it loads for 2 min but for my friend it was 10 min. Sorry if it bothers.

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Jun 2, 2019
2:38 PM EDT