Incident 150A

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A group of friends do not have ammunition and went to look for it.

only that

discord: https://discord.gg/EPnAh5w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealIsmaFelix/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ismaelkiller81?lang=es
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHowv-eZ7cDWdtvRffmk6oA

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La animacion esta buenisima,pero ahi ciertas partes donde no se ve muy fluida.Se puede mejorar,pero estoy seguro que en el futuro te saldra mejores resultados.

Te lo dije por discord y te lo vuelvo a repetir, la animación tampoco esta tan mal, la fluidez no cae entre lo mediocre y lo decente, aún que de todas formas no hay que olvidar que tienes varios puntos que mejorar. Pero por los demás, es pavoroso, el arte es horrible, literalmente los protagonistas tienen el mismo traje con el mismo pelo solamente que recoloreado con una paleta de colores que es molesto a la vista, los escenarios escasean de un buen diseño, ya que parece que está todo vacío y sin vida, los enemigos siguen siendo indiferentemente los enemigos típicos de Madness y la historia la verdad que podría a haber dado para más, son un par de tipos que entran a un edificio, matan gente, agarran un maletín con un diseño bastante particular y se van. No hay mucho que decir al respecto de esto, no está mal, pero hay que mejorar muchas cosas.

La próxima que hagas una animación solitaria, hay que esmerarse más, no solamente en la animación para que quede bien, si no en la mayoría de las cosas que lo forman. Los diseños de los enemigos y los protagonistas, darle vida a los escenarios, el Gore, los efectos, las armas, las posiciones cinematográficas, la historia, etc. A medida que le pongas más esfuerzo por ti solo a tu trabajo, no sólo vas a mejorar tus proyectos, si no como artista

haha I remember the time when some people said that we both are "on the same level of animation skil".

I mean you don't even care about animating feet.

The animation doesn't have any meaning to it, it's really generic and i don't think you pushed yourself with it whatsoever. You still probably put a significant amount of time on this 3 minute movie and you pretty much wasted it. You could've done way more with a concept of your group of friends attacking AAHW.
The characters aren't unique, they are all pretty much the same person but with added different accessories or/and recolored.
Also some moments in the movie look pretty smooth when other look too lifeless. Overall "combat" scenes look to unfortunately be the worst.

Oh and there's a lot of bugs. Like, a lot of bugs. Maybe really minor at times but still really annoying when you see them.
Hmm... You know what? I'm going to just for fun count all I found below the rating.

Ehh... I'm going to give you half a star more since it is a solo movie and not another test collab so thank you nonetheless for making the world a better place in that aspect.

3.5/5 - You can do better.

1. 0:12 - The bullet doesn't actually come out of the pistol and is tilted. (You already had the gun in the right place, you could've just made a straight line goddammit)
2. 0:22 - Same as before, but this time it's out of the m4. (Why don't you just wait those 3 frames more so the shots can line up? You already are going for this "Kelzad extra smooth" style, a few more frames of him getting his gun up wouldn't hurt)
3. 0:40 - You can't just drop your gun without it sliding even a bit.
4. 0:43 - When you look c l o s e l y you can see that when Ismael stabs the soldat in the head and takes his mp7, the gun suddenly loses it's magazine and is like that for some more time. (Okay how the fuck didn't you notice that? I get that sprites sometimes swap and it even happends to people like krank but there is absolutely no fucking way you didn't notice it.)
5. 1:28 - The knife in the in the soldats body isn't masked when he falls onto the floor making it look way more "2D".
7. 1:42 - With the speed it's going at, I'm pretty sure that the knife shouldn't have bounced off of the wall. Even if it did, it would've done it at a much bigger s p e e d. (Alright, fine, this isn't that bad, the agent running and making the throw looked cool, I have to admit)
8. 1:43 - Body of the dismembered agent doesn't slide and the engineer is "on the wrong layer" when he passes through it. (It happens, I guess.)

You know what? I'm going to stop counting bodies and weapons not sliding or bouncing off the floor because there's too many of them and this is already way too long.

9. 1:55 - YEAH YEAH I GET IT NOW, YOU REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT QUALITY, DO YOU? (The bullets don't line up at all)

Alright. Fine. If you don't care about making a quality animation then I don't care about making this review any longer. It just shows how you want to release it as fast as possible. I would normally give it a 2, but you still have that .5 from before.

FINAL RATING = 2.5/5 - I do not even know what to say at this point. You could've done so much and you fucked it up. It's a shame really. But oh wait. You don't care.

use shell without bullet


Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2019
10:27 AM EDT