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Lorna vs Gillond

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Lorna Stone has tracked her target but the witch seems to have the upper hand.

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I mean it's okay. Drawings are great, you just neeed more practice in smoothly animating them imo.

This was fantastic. Incredible work for a single person to make. I disagree with the commentor who says it's impossible to throw a sword like that. Who says a sword has to be weighted the way that person imagines it. However, it may be true that a conventional sword can't be thrown like that. I can't say that I've tried throwing a sword that way.

Rennis5 responds:

Thank you, I think I could do better if I did another animation, this was actually really rushed, it was more of an experiment to test myself, as for the sword throwing i was just thinking more about doing a cool animation than the physics of it all.

it's impossible to throw a sword with that motion like that.

Rennis5 responds:

You're not wrong.