C&H Rudy "It's a Bitch-Ass Life" Animatic

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This is owned by Cyanide & Happiness, but I drew and animated everything here! This is an animatic, not the final animation, but if you're interested in how it turned out, click here to watch Rudy (It's a Bitch-Ass Life) on YouTube!


This is the point where I felt like I was really picking up steam at Explosm. First of all, I loved the script, I loved the idea, I loved everything about this short. It also introduced me to the amazingly talented voice actor Hunter Scott, and Godswill Ugwa who works at Funimation. Two extremely wholesome and positive individuals who are playing characters that are among the more foul-mouthed and rudest people in the C&H universe will never not be funny to me.

I tried my best to match-cut every transition so his head remained stationary in the same 1/3rd of the screen, but certain shots benefited from switching it up a little. This was really Mike Salcedo's baby and I'm proud to have worked on it.

Only thing I can really point out is there were just a couple of subtle character acting moments I gave Rudy in the animatic that didn't translate to final cut. Like when he's having dinner with his then-girlfriend, "Independent woman, big-tittied" he's kinda checking her out like "Hell yeah" in the animatic, but in the final animation he seems to be squinting like he can't quite see her tits? There's just really little bitty insignificant changes throughout the final animation that I was just like "what, why did it read like that" but...oh well. Rudy is still funny as hell and one of my proudest shorts that I've worked on.

Directed by Mike Salcedo
Screenplay by Mike Salcedo and Rob DenBleyker
Story by Mike Salcedo, Rob DenBleyker, Joel Watson, and Dave McElfatrick

Featuring the voices of:
Hunter Scott as Rudy
Mike Salcedo as Teacher
Godswill Ugwa as Grandson
Bill Jones as Groundskeeper
Jon Murphy as The Gasping Man

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Mustard stain on his shirt ass

This version is better than the final!

Oh GOD--this made my fucking day!!

Mother F@cking C&H, ass-bitching animatic, no color, five star winner, son of bitch!!!

He's fucking this

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May 24, 2019
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