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After "The Reward", Vito and Wilhelm have become epic adventurers with an ocean of quests to look back at. One of them unfortunately ended with Wilhelm becoming a vampire... Which was okay! Since he has an amulet of protection. But everytime he loses it, his life is threatened by the sun. After an epic battle with a hydra Vito realises, that they need to do something about that curse. They only defeated the hydra thanks to the beautiful druid Gaya, whom Vito instantly shows interest in. Later at the library, Vito finds a cure for any curse in an old book, they just need to find the "Chalice of Restoration". Then he spots Gaya at the library as well and his focus goes to her. The three of them go to the place where the "Chalice of Restoration" is supposed to be. But they find nothing! Again, Gaya is ahead of them and notices in the book, that it will only show during a full moon. While they wait for the full moon, the three of them travel together. Vito and Gaya fall in love and they are busy everytime there is a full moon. Finally, Vito and Gaya have a treehouse and Gaya is pregnant. Wilhelm says that he can't wait anymore, now is the time to find the cure! Vito says that he can't, he has a family now. They get angy at each other and Wilhelm leaves. Wilhelm meets the one who made him a vampire and is invited into his guild. In the guild he finds his purpose, meets others like himself and learns how to use his curse to become even stronger. Meanwhile, Vito has gone to find the chalice of Restoration himself, despite the danger of monsters. Wilhelm learns about this and come to help his old friend. They team up once again, but how will they deal with their two different wishes of life.

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Director Mikkel Mainz


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Mathias Valiant

Skjald is a creative house created by Mikkel Mainz. He is the director of the animated Tales of Alethrion series and was one of the original founders of Sun Creature. Skjald’s goal is to make great storytelling experiences for the following community and audience through original 2D film projects, graphic novels, roleplaying books, illustrations and YouTube videos.

Skjald is the Scandinavian word for "bard", a storyteller in the Viking era and Middle Ages that traveled from town to town inspiring the listening crowds through stories about epic lords and ladies, about gods, love and other extraordinary things in life.

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So here is the full version still wish there was more dialog with the characters but I do have to say that the visuals and view points are amazing especially with lighting and distance views so really nice work you have outdone yourself here on this submission.

its a masterpiece so no changes are needed


I love your work!

I love it. Another!

Love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they go their separate ways hmm... a bittersweet ending. Seemed almost like he was dragged away by force in the finish though, rather than by his own will. Nothing's as clear as it was in the beginning, but it's definitely yet another great saga. Reminds of first with their clash, conflict and resolution - and Wilhelm always seems to be the most responsible one of the two.

Would be cool to see the full series here at NG!


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