Ero-Snap: ~Wet & Clean~

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I was a bit bored and i thought ok lets do something for fun and quick. I asked my girlfriend Faly if she would be ok for some cute (and sexy~) pictures and she said yes. i quickly got some and i was like ok lets make some quick and fun erotic game - like the other 2 ero snap games i did before.

So yes, i made the screen this time more normal sized (1280 x 720) and not that oddly "long". the game is pretty simple and is explained at the title screen.

So this time, you play "screen cleaner"~
You move your sponge with the mouse around. click (AND HOLD) the left mouse button so that the sponge turns blue and you can clean up the screen...IF you have water. you get water from the green water buckets which will slide around the screen at the down area (if youre low on water only).

Of course, cleaning your screen isnt easy if they are BEES around~ So avoid them with your sponge or use your "splash!" with the Space key but remember = Splash N-E-E-D-S water and costs a lot.

It gives 3 stages till you can see the full naki vixen :>

enjoy and leave a feedback please, i just made it really quick so i hope it works ^^

Music by:

Version "1-3"
I made the "Splash!" now bigger and it also stays a bit longer, it should be more usefull to use over all.

IN CASE IT ISNT FULL SIZE (like on pages like Sofurry or IB), try one of those links:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31551613/ - FA
https://www.deviantart.com/watheanum/art/Ero-Snap-Wet-and-Clean-797815781?ga_submit_new=10%3A1557967248 - DA

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Any chance to add a full screen function? The game won't fully fit on my screen.

WAtheAnum responds:

not as flashgame, sadly.

Confusing instructions, Right click opens something. left click cleans

WAtheAnum responds:

will fix that~

Edit: there, done. any more questions or was it that hard to press the left mouse button then the right~?


I've been creating work in "Clickteam Fusion 2.5" for years now. This game seems like a quick concept. I did that kind of programming when I first started to work with Clickteam Fusion. You can program Parallax, Sponge growth, Blue square alpha channel, bubble effect, a better UI with the "Water bar", a sinewave movement for the bees and much more. Keep going! Clickteam Fusion is easy enough to learn. You can make more quality stuff with it!

Take this comment for a way to improvement! take your time and watch tutorials about CF2.5

♥ Luv From GlitchyDust ♥

Edit: I see, the major issue with the 10Mb is the music, also, I'm not sure about the optimization of 10Mb, but with the profiler update on CF2.5, it may be easier. Also, I just checked and when you upload a game it says that you can upload up to 100Mb in flash and 600Mb in HTML5? I need to try posting something soon enough to test that out.

-- --

P.S.: You can hit me up with your arts and I will get you a quick concept with better gameplay if you want to.


WAtheAnum responds:

hi there and thanks for the honest review ^^

yes, i pretty much made this game "just quick". i know you can do WAY more with it and i already did. i was, as i said, just bored and made this game in maybe about 2-3 hours (i mean, it really wasnt much work if you know how CF 2.5 works). the most problem i had was actually the 10MB limit i had (coz i uploaded it also on other pages and not only on newgrounds and those have a 10MB limit). i sure would have add a bit more effects and for sure a more "better" looking HUD - but i had to keep it simple ^^;

Still thanks a lot!

EDIT: just for samples, i uploaded other games i made with CF2.5 which are sure better or needs to be downloaded (coz sizewise and they dont work in flash "somehow").


Can you add a gallery option that unlocks a image after each stage you clear? Besides that, the game is very fun and challenging in a fun, rewarding way.

Edit: WAtheAnum, thank you for responding. I hope your next game will be good.

WAtheAnum responds:

this was actually a problem. i mean, yes, i could. i did a gallery already in another game of mine but the problem is, i had a limit from 10 MB and if i would add a "gallery mode" i would be sure over it (i am right now at 9.25 MB). But i still hope it works out this way. ^^

I might create another one of those small games soon, if people enjoy. the other bigger one was a download-only one (ask if you wanna know about it more!).