Better Than The Book - Meteor Shower Lyric Video

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Music written, performed and produced by Nick Standing

Lyric video visuals by Vladimir Kuznetsov of World Beyond


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Nobody said this would be easy

But that’s the biggest understatement of the century

And even after Two Years On

None of these fears are gone at all, if anything, they’re multiplying

Can’t get rid of this shake, lying awake every night

I’m in a constant fight between my head and my heart

And I know this music is my gift

But the compulsion for making it is tearing me apart

And it’s quickly getting dark

And before I knew it

Reality came crushing down like a meteor shower

Seems I’m facing my extinction

No use to run and hide

No choice left but to fight

So grab a bat and start swinging for your life

All the lights are fading out

And I’m banging on walls in the dark hoping to find a door

Anxiety’s closing in, the sky is falling again

And I’m screaming PLEASE NO MORE

I’m sick of wearing these fake smiles

Just want to sing against bathroom tiles trying to conjure up the next sound

But self-esteem is sinking down

Gotta to keep my head above water again before I surely drown

And I’m sure to drown

Be the change, beat the flames, break the chain it’s overrated

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What a fine music video

I have to say the backround element and details like stars animation was really nice I was pretty impressed with it from start to finish you braught out the best in this, what a fine music video this is I like the visuals and ofcourse the music video style really flowed well together so nice job indeed, as this was pretty good of an entry here.

None needed for this masterpiece


Jabun responds:

Ah thanks so much! Gotta thank Vlad from World Beyond for the visuals. He did a great job with those; I was just on music :) Super happy you enjoyed it!

Wasn't expecting to see this here too! :D So awesome you managed to bridge the divide with regard to animated content here too. Hope it gets a ton of views, and like I said on YT already it's a pretty powerful piece. When the run slows down and the text flares heavy in the background... pretty METAL. Heavy moments. A showcase of conviction as the world keeps falling down in the backdrop. Again great work on this, and great to see it here too! Much appreciated Vlad!


Jabun responds:

Cheers again Cyber :D I wasn't originally going to upload here, but the animator convinced me to and I thought it can't hurt XD He really did a GREAT job on the visuals, so I hope lots of people get to see it if not just for that. Powerful images :) Thanks again!

I don't like the song but the video is great. You definitely earned your stars, great work m8

Jabun responds:

Awww but the song was the bit I did! No worries though, I know it's not for everyone :) Happy you enjoyed the visuals :D