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Vinesauce Animated: Vinny Plays Baby Game

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Watch Vinny from Vinesauce make his way through a collection of different games, and lose his mind in the process!

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At the end isn't that guy from star trek

I'd like to give props to the retard below me who doesn't seem to realize the audio is from a Vinesauce stream. These five stars are for you, dumb dumb.

Also, nice work as always Gareth. I guess you can have these stars too. Keep it up. Proud of you.

props for the animation and the skyrim duplex but this was just pure trash terrible. it was like a deleted scene from a 2010+ Adam Sandler movie that seemed to joke more about it actually being a movie than make any jokes that are actually funny, with a heavy dose of "I play videogames... but i hate playing videogames." It's not a parody of anything and more of a random sequence of mad ramblings like when you talk to yourself on the toilet when you're drunk and you leave your cell phone video on for 3 hours until it hits 0%. Really fine details and smooth action transitions for the 3d animations (for 3d) but again the story, plot, cinematography, writing, sound, sound design, "brainstorming session" choices if there even was a brainstorm session rather than just accepting the napkin-draft from tuesday night $1 chasers with the frat bois from Dawsons creek... really everything else is just awful. Also, giving +1 star for the Richer montage at the end.

oh my fukin god to funny

the animation is entertaining and has fitting clips and smart use of actual gameplay. the animation is very fitting and fucking ads to the comedy pretty well