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pico vs stop motion

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This is my first picoday movie and I hope you love.
This took 1 or 2 month to make and and it was fun.
It was cool to make all those Newgrounds puppets.

The pico gay joke was made by TooCastletoonTV
Plz, don’t try to kill me

The music I use for this:
Volcanic Rim Stage -Street Fighter IV- - Project X Zone Music Extended
Dad n Me - Game Music - Dad n Me Theme
Alien Hominid Music - Robot Boss

And newgrounds did not help me with this movie, I just use the characters

I don't know how copywriting works.

Story 1:
The captain is pissed off at pico for being top banana on newgrounds and pico is a dick to The captain. So The captain and pico have to fight!
This movie will show you why

Story 2:
Piconjo is a evil asshole, so Pico is going to kick his ass.

I don’t know that much about piconjo, all I know is he looks like a bad guy. And he white boy
Plz tell me more

My story with newgrounds:
A long time ago, when I saw newgrounds I did not know what is was, probably because I was a retarded kid that can’t read or write. I mostly grew up with YouTube-

YOU: “ you grew up with YouTube? That makes you a fucking traitor! ”

I was like 8 or 9 years old, I don’t remember, I was so stupid when I was a little kid, but I'm a big boy now with a big boy dick.

YOU: “ your still a stupid kid with a little dick. and stop with the jokes about dicks and shit! “


YOU: “ and you can’t use the word retarded. ”

We are on newgrounds, we can do the fuck we want, and it’s picoday.

Anyway, As I grow up, I started to know more about Newgrounds and the movies on there, so I started my newgrounds account-

YOU: “ no one gives a shit about your stupid story ”

What!? Why?

YOU: “ this is a Pico day movie, not your blog!

Some people wants to know.

YOU: “ people that know there you live and fuck you in the ass “

How the hell are those people are going to find me.

YOU: “ the internet is a dangerous place of weirdos, like you. “

OK, end of story, you Dick!

YOU: “ hay! Don’t call me a dick, you asshole!“

The “To Be Continued” story:

I'm not trying to offend anyone but I fucking hate it when people make a movie and they don't finish it, they just make a to be continued sign and they never continued it. What the fuck!? Why don't they do that!? I don't hate the jojo to be continued meme because everyone knows it's a joke.

YOU: " maybe they don't do it because they don't have the money or time, probably they have a job and a life."

If there not going to continue it, they have to tell you they are not or they are going to keep you waiting for nothing. In my country, that is called a "dick move". Crap like this happens all the time in movies/videos like picoday movies, stupid BFDI rip offs, Element Animation and sml, it's been years and nothing happens. What the fuck!?

Anyway, there should be a rule where if you make half of a movie and it say "to be continued" you have to continue it or going to make your fans waiting for nothing, your fans can only be so patient and sooner or later they are going to hate you forever but if you don't want too concerned the movie, tell your fans you're not going to do it, and they will understand, they still love you.

But if you want to continue the movie but you don't have the time and money, just rash, make it fast and lazy, and give the fans what they want. But you are probably going to regret it, like me.

In 2018, I was making a movie called stop motion vs goanimate the movie and I was not doing it Intel summer was ending and my sister took my iPad and say I can't use it Intel school started as a punishment. But I wanted to finish the movie so I took my iPad back without asking and finished the movie fast but it was stupid.

So Anyway, that movie was the worst movie I ever made but I am not going to delete it because I want people to learn my stupid mistake.

For now on, I'm never making promises I can’t take, so don't expect anything bigger longer and uncut on madness day 2019 for me.

The last story:
Being on Newgrounds was so fun and I hope you have a happy pico day.

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Hell yeah

this movie is NOT suck

Nobody care how bad it is...
It fricking cool!!!!

REALLY well made!!keep up the great work!

I love the stop motion animation thingys keep on making more