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Jump around and spread your paint everywhere to reveal more of the level!

Originally Made For The 8 Bits To Infinity - Platformer Week Game Jam.

Controlls :

• A&D : Movement

• Space Or W : Jump

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Really fun! Reminds me of "Darkness, The Cage" but better. There are a lot of sections where you just die to unforeseeable traps over and over until the level can show you where they are, but it was kinda in the fun of it. Love that the final level was a remix of one of the previous ones, that was cool, incorporating a lot of the hard scenarios and gimmicks. Good work!

The game is pretty neat and all, but the platforming and controls are a bit wonky, I mean I've been trying to do precision jumping and no it doesn't work, several jumps are ridiculously hard to do, due to really poor collision detection, although this doesn't make the game impossible to beat but arduous and time consuming, as several deaths less could be achieved just because the game can't understand what length an input of a press is, I mean if you can't jump a single pixel by pressing d and space for .1 second or less... but some random arbitrary amount, and it not registering which input came first is really bothering me... I'm going back to playing games with better controls such as Kaizo Mario and other nonforgiving games.

Good work!

not bad, but you can shake and see everything
your leftovers are also visible for particle reasons

For a game jam game, this is pretty fun! It looks nice, it feels pretty enjoyable, it's a solid little platformer. With more polish, this game would be great! The idea of revealing more of the level as you go along and all of the wonderful colours makes this game a treat to play!

Then you get... Halfway or so? And then things get... Less than fun.

So many jumps are pretty much blind when you get halfway. One time it was a precise jump onto a small square, surrounded by spikes. The next time, it's on moving platforms that bump into invisible spikes.

Your jump control is lacking in this game. This is interesting but also hard to adapt to when you've played so many other games with different jump control. I liked a moment where you had a low ceiling and had to make sure your jumps hit the safe parts of the ceiling... But at the same time, it made me wish for a small jump.

Then later there's a maze with 6 keys. If you've played the game, you'll know it. Top right key. You've got to steer your jump backwards. Never mind doing this mostly blind because of the ink mechanic, the generous hitbox of the spikes and the interesting jump physics make this a bit... Well, frustrating.

This game likes to troll you and has some clever little trolls. Seeing as all platforms are blind, you think "I'll jump towards this key" and then you're impaled on spikes. This is actually pretty fun, so I'm definitely not knocking that level design choices!

This game suffers from a lack of antepieces for its set pieces. It doesn't give you a time to get used to a concept before making you deal with it. You barely get introduced to the blinking platforms before you're forced to platform over some tight parts with them. In your next platformer, I'd encourage you to give players a safe environment to practice hard jumps before you force it on them.

And finally, we've got the main feature of the game: The ink mechanic.

In the first few stages, where things are safe and largely static, this is an interesting feature that fosters a sense of exploration! This game looks beautiful because of all the miscoloured splashes! And when the level is revealed to you at the end of the level, so you see all the little traps you avoided... That's nice!

But again, then you get halfway.

Then you drop down long drops past spike traps, while blinking platforms trip you up. Then you suddenly are in a maze and you have no idea which way has a way you've missed. It doesn't help that the ink disappears after some time so you're not sure if that's a hole you missed or the ink dried up.

The music's soothing, the gameplay has some nice fun elements, and the visuals are actually pretty cool. It just requires a little bit of polish to get better, along with maybe a bit of a rethink on some of the level designs. Being able to see ahead in some way would be great, especially for some of the trickier jumps.

Worth a play, not worth continuing to play if you get too stressed.

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3.58 / 5.00

May 8, 2019
3:24 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle