My Very Own Train Station

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There are many different trains you could take - which one will you take?


Space - continue

W or up arrow - go up

S or down arrow - go down

Mouse - you can also control the game using the left mouse button if that's more your speed.

Escape - you can press escape any time you make a choice to remove all UI. Makes for a good screensaver. You'll have to reload the page to get the UI back.

Music -
"Listing to Sigur Rós for the first time" by Arja. Listen to their album "Compiled Thoughts" here: https://arja.bandcamp.com/releases

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An uninteresting narrative that most likely won't resonate with a large chunk of Newgrounds' users that barely even QUALIFIES as a game. It would be majorly improved by some actual gameplay to get the message across and entertain or at least get the attention of its players without the mopey indie music and low-poly art to make the players think there is something deep and intricate to this game's narrative.

We can all take steps in our lives to make ourselves happier, no matter how young or old you are. That is a wonderful message and definitely true, but it doesn't need to be put into a gamified form.

1.5 Stars

this was amazing

Very cool style and message that resonated with me. I'd say the only downside is that I don't know if it did enough to distinguish itself as a game, as it could very easily be turned into a movie instead, with the act of hitting 'yes' 'no' being vestigal. You could maybe consider doing something like making it difficult to hit 'yes' as the character is in a slump, if that fits the message, and would make it more synchronized.

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Good game btw.

awesome game like the animation

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3.26 / 5.00

May 7, 2019
6:39 AM EDT
Adventure - Other