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Author Comments

Bump is a cartoon I started November 2001. It took about a month to finish and helped me learn flash. It doesn't use as many tweens or special animation techniques that I know now, but it still comes off pretty nicely. A touch...Dark, the simple story tells of this..child who searches for his plush toy in the dark of his house. Kind of a Twisted look on the children's book "Goodnight moon". Damn, I loved that book.

Song: goodnight Moon
Artist: Shivaree
Album:" I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the head for Making me live in this dump"

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certainly it was not bad at all, but the animation was not good at all, and that it was too easy to predict what was going to happen at the end, but that if nothing bad then!!!

It wasnt bad the animation wasnt the best and it was a little predictable but it was good I guess my only issue was the looping you need to work on that maybe produce a replay button of some sort

This reminded me of Jhonen Vasquez. For the most part, I thought it was fairly boring. The animation didn't seem to flow that well. You can kind of guess what's going to happen next. I have no clue what the name means. Was it just supposed to be something meaningless?

It DOES eventually loop. I guess it was just meant to be a music video. It needed to have more going on. The song wasn't too bad. I'm just expecting more from a cartoon.

Your best work!

This is definitely the best movie you've done, and I love it. The hand-drawn style is original and it works a lot better than the lazy all-tween Flash movies of late. The music worked nicely, all the background messages were funny (I Itch... hah). Great job. Can't wait to see your new stuff.

Try a loader next time.

It pissed me off getting through half the movie than it stopping all of a sudden (after hearing that song 2 or 3 times it's not so bad). For better scary music try The Misfits, The Undead, Nine Inch Nails, Danzig, Samhain, Morbid Angel, Canibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, or Napalm Death (there's a slew of other by they all sound like the last 3, who all sound the same).

SpookyAnim responds:

Yeah, I know. I can't Actionscript worth a enflamed rat filled with napalm, but In later movies, which I'll post soon, I do have a play button, but Still no preloader. I'm still learning.
As for the music, I wanted something a little....quiet. Like the Quiet of 2 in the morning. And the song was based on a kids Book, I had been read when I was a li'l feller, So It was easier. But thanks for the reccommends.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2002
10:36 AM EST