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Mr. Potato Man

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Chutney and his friends are put to strenuous labor outside of the dungeons keep. 1 day left before their fate is sealed and their sentence is carried.

Thanks to Nick Conter my animation has gotten better. Thank you Nick!

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"Fun and Quirky Upbeat Retro" by Pink Zebra from audiojungle.net

"Jazz wedding March" by The Beau Hunks

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I like the conception of those 3 friends which actually trying to kill each other.

Thought I'd seen this already, but apparently it was just the preview! Or it was on Patreon. Or I just hadn't reviewed it yet... but that's impossible.

It was great though. Second time around and more. Not sure which round I'm on at this point. The intricate details of all that's going on in those first few scenes have you watching this over and over again just to really follow the motions - such synchronization between these momentarily captive peeps that are currently also somewhat at odds with each other, yet always manage to pull through when it really matters!

Good to see all that fan art too, and the ever so inventive credits.


ChutneyGlaze responds:

Haha I very much enjoy your reviews thank you :D

Oh shit, a new one. New environment in the credits too, cool shit.
This was pretty surreal alright. I liked it.

the fixed angle work well and animation is super smooth

ChutneyGlaze responds:

thank you very much!

Really funny !

ChutneyGlaze responds:

thank you!