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Tails Gets Trolled Evangelion Anime Opening

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This is a mash-up of the webcomic Tails Gets Trolled and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

If you don't know what Tails Gets Trolled is, you can read it here: http://www.tailsgetstrolled.org

I started making this in 2012, so I figured I might as well finish it. Enjoy.

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I love it.......... so much...............

loled me fren

Meh, TrollFace was already an old and overused meme by the time you first started making this, and so is the webcomic that it's based on.

chafenhimer responds:

A mask based on Troll Face appears in this because it's a plot point in Tails Gets Trolled. I didn't include it because I thought it was funny or a good "meme".

Tails Gets Trolled was not old when I started making this. Not like it matters since I still think it's legitimately good.

YEH! tails gets trolled is such an underrated manga, I wish more people would stop watching unrefined and uncultured 10 minute jewtube mukbang asmr videos all fucking day and start discovering more cultured and refined internet culture like TGT!

Great job.