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Lifeline Warriors

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This is game was created from scratch in 42 hours by 2 persons of which only one was able to really work on it. We continue the development so give a lot of feedback(god AND BAD!!!) and maybe you will be a proud winner of a character or weapon or upgrade dedicated to you! Enjoy ?


Once upon a time the world was normal, everybody lived their lifes as normal as in our world but than a young magician learned how to controll the time and stole all of the lifetime of the people surrounding him and gave it to himself. This made him immortal to aging and with that he could kill anybody by just stealing their remaining lifetime. Since then the currency changed from gold to lifetime so the richest become immortal while the young folk gives their lifetime away to survive.

But after 500 years of suppression and slavery a band of young heroes set themselves the goal to otherthrow the necromancer of lifetime to free the world of his greedy hands.


E - Pickup Equipment on the ground WASD - Movement Left Mousebutton - Attack Middle Mousebutton - Switch weapons if you have more than one(max 2)


\/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/ - \/

[What will be done next?]

We will work on the AI because this one is just doing it’s job to attack and kill the player… Most of the time. So we will improve it!
We’ll add bossfights and a story so you have a goal.
We’ll work on more and better graphics
We’ll add a map generator and maybe a custom map maker to spawn bosses and enemies to kill for fun!

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I've enjoyed the game, but is there an ending to it? Because I've reached level 10, ran out of upgrades to get, and there are no new enemies. I have a few pieces of feedback:
- I don't have a middle mouse button so a button used to switch the weapons would be helpful.
- Often times, I end up taking damage because I will be moving in a direction and I'll end up running into an enemy who hits me, giving me no time to react. The only way to avoid this would be to move in slow bursts which is annoying, especially when some of the maps are so large. You could try zooming the game out just a little bit.
- There is no indication as to how much damage each weapon deals (you can surmise that some of the weapons are better based on which new enemies are using them and how much damage you take, but no one was using the purple sword so I had no idea if it was better). Plus, the legendary warrior from the north starts out using an ax which does more damage than the purple sword.
- You should explain more things in the game or the description concerning the game mechanics and items. For my first playthrough, I had no idea what the boxes with the crown shapes on them were for. I only discovered by chance that they were ammo. Also, you should allow the player to pick up the ammo boxes if one of their two weapons is a ranged weapon (right now, the game is set so you can only collect ammo if you are holding a ranged weapon).
- I've come across a glitch though it is a helpful one; when using the purple sword, I'll sometimes be able to just ram enemies with it and it will kill them. I think this happen if you click twice with the left mouse button though this doesn't always work. This glitch becomes undone if you swing your sword once.
- You may want to tone down the screen shaking after using the gun in the game (the one that the little blue guys use). A little shaking is fine, but, for the gun, it can be quite distracting and disorienting while in combat.
- You might want to work on your spelling and word use both in the game and in the description; any misspellings may make you appear unprofessional or incompetent to people who are playing your game (for example, the game is called Lifeline warriors yet this never comes up in the description; you do say lifetime a lot though. Is this the word that you meant for the title?)
- Also, when listing the controls in the description, have each control have their own line. Right now, you have them written out like they were all part of the same sentence.
- You may want to add a pause button, a volume control/mute button, and a game restart button.
- For upgrades, you can add a few more, especially for ranged weapons since I don’t believe there are any upgrades for them (such as faster reload time).
- Give a warning that the first aid kit in the upgrade menu can only be used once.
- Perhaps look for some music in the audio portal to add to your game.

I believe this game has potential to be awesome. My last suggestion would be to make the upgrades more expensive. I wish you luck in your development.

pretty fun and addicting game great upgrades and all but only problem i had was I dont have a middle mouse button so when I picked up a weapon I could not get back to my axe as the brute character maybe make a drop button option ?

I really enjoy it so far I'm hoping for new weapons and enemy designs in the future. I really think there needs to be some sort of shield mechanic because when running a melee build the enemies bunch up and are capable of insta killing you later in the game. I also think the cursor needs to be shrunk down a bit for ranged users cause the odd shape was giving my aim a hard time.

I'm having to roam around the level looking for the remaining enemies, a map or the ability to zoom out would be handy. Text overlaps at points and can be hard to read. The enemies are too easy to defeat. With some improvements I can see this becoming an okay game.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

May 2, 2019
2:02 PM EDT

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