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Thank you! 5 Points

Play the game

100 Meteor destroyed 10 Points

Destroy 100 meteor

nearly there 10 Points

get (200) near from the end

200 Meteor destroyed 25 Points

Destroy 200 meteor

so close 25 Points

get (100) near from the end

300 Meteor destroyed 50 Points

Destroy 300 meteor

finally here , but what ? 50 Points

reach the end (finish the game)

Secret Medal 50 Points

Secret Medal (hint : Spin .. Spin .. Spin)

Author Comments

Are you Multi-Tasking-Person ??
probably not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
play with 2 ships at the same time each one guard the other ,
use their abilties to get through space obstacles and meteors , until you reach the end .
controls :-
(WASD) 1st ship
(mouse) 2nd ship
LMB = primary weapon
spacebar = secondary weapon
Z = missile swarm

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I like the idea, I like the creative interface - satellite fidget spinner, free upgrades and all - but the controls really are difficult to get into! The big ship's just so slow to respond too... does seem like you need to be two people to get the most out of this one. Great idaa, but controls hmm... wonder if it would've been easier/more fun with a bit more responsive battle combo there.


awesome game lol took me a while to realize i could move the giant ship to get farther i only can beat half the came the big ship moves to slow and upgrades i really wish they were there i dont like how you have it there to say max and still to collect shards.
(liked game with lots of stars cause I wanted it in my play list rage quit games lol so i can make my friends play and try out)

BASSAM18 responds:

thank you , you make me happy that you liked the game .
yeah there are lots of people who didn't like the upgrade thing so am changing and adding more into it now.
thanks for your comment redeyes , :)

I thought the game was great but can be a lot better. I think an upgrade system like starting off with a 1 missle max and then working up to it or upgrading primary fire or w/e would make people play the game longer instead of the 30 mins that it took for me to beat the game. The aiming felt off for some reason i guess the ship couldnt every tic of 360 degrees or turning was slow idk but that brought down the fun. Third i think there should be more diversity in the obstacles even asteroid had different enemies. Oh one big issue is that after you die 3 times the game reloads and the music starts looping on top of itself which became very annoying at least a mute button and actually a pause button too would be a good idea in the future.

BASSAM18 responds:

first , thank you your comment is so useful and this is really good feedback there are lots of things i didn't notice that you did .
i would definitely look at it again in the next update and when i make it to mobile
(btw , this game was made for a game jam in 5 days with "elevation" theme.)
but for the controls actually i didnt made it turn , cause i dont want players to just sit and fire it would be boring also the game reload every time you die but i delayed the ad 3 reloads
thank you blyndid your comment is really helpful

Not a good idea to use Ctrl for anything. I'm flying around with WASD and press Ctrl to use secondary weapon, and ah yes Ctrl-W and the page exits.

Just use Spacebar.


Alright I see you've fixed that. No real problems at this point. I could say maybe he should just auto-fire instead of click to fire, and then you could have left mouse button be the secondary weapon and spacebar be the missile storm. But it's not really wrong as-is.

BASSAM18 responds:

DONE ,. you can now use (SPACEBAR) for secondary weapon
please consider checking the GAME and the RATE
and tell me if there is something else .., thank you

yeeeeeee 1 one finish

BASSAM18 responds:

i didn't think someone will do it so i put that massege, well played
also THANK YOU for your rating .