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Mage's Trial

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You are a Wizard defending your homeland from waves of enemies. Cast freezing Lich spells to slow and shatter enemies or cast burning Pyromancer spells to incinerate your foes.
Level up and spend Talent points in an expansive Talent tree. Earn medals for each wave of enemy you defeat.

WASD / Arrow keys to move
Z,X,C / Keypad 1,2,3 to cast spells
Space / ESC to pause the game

The game is very inspired from "Wizard's Run" made by rachid1984.

v1.1 Released, this should decrease the chance of bugs
v1.2 Released, final update, mostly all of game breaking bugs are terminated
v1.3 Released, game no longer is unplayable after dying

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Too many game breaking bugs.

1. Player projectiles can spawn in the wrong place. In the most extreme case, they fire from an enemy and once that enemy (or remains) are off screen you can no longer fire.

2. Movement keys can stop responding.

3. So can the fire keys.

4. Sometimes levels won't end. You'll just keep going upwards even though there are no more enemies.

5. Health/Mana bars sometimes glitch.

Shamahan responds:

Thanks Jeffrey, I very much appreciate your bug report list, I just released a new version of the game that should fix all of these issues!

cant tell if its a bug, but at level 10 my spells start shooting from an enemy towards me, but after i make it passed the enemy and it leaves screen I cant cast any more spells

Shamahan responds:

Thank you for commenting and yes, that definitely is a bug haha. This new version that I just released should fix the issue.

The game has a few bugs. sometimes the control doesn¨t work and I have to refresh.

Shamahan responds:

Thanks for the comment! I have updated the game and these bugs should gone.

It's a nice game but after arriving to level 9, I've been having a lot of game breaking bugs.

First bug came the first time I played (in google chrome) the game window was such that I couldn't see the top and bottom of the screen, so I didn't even know there was an xp bar, and bellow I couldn't see the spell buttons, I just ended up accidentally clicking them. I've retried the game (about 4h afterwards), and it seems to be solved.
Second bug the magma shock wave, chooses a random starting position (sometimes it starts as if an enemy is sending the spell) and ends up disappearing all together when the screen passes the spawning point, this usually leads to:
Third bug although the mana bar is filled, at some point I stop being able to use spells altogether.

It's a shame cause these bugs make the game unplayable but it was pretty enjoyable so far.

Shamahan responds:

Thank you very much for in-depth bug report! I just released a new version that *hopefully* should fix these bugs.

great game please make more ! the game play was smooth !

Shamahan responds:

Thanks! I am definitely planning on making more, just have to fix this one first!

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2019
11:22 AM EDT