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Diacrisis Trailer

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Game is on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1037260/Diacrisis/

Play for Free 'Lost in Hell' through Diacrisis Official Website:
http://www.diacrisis.com.br - Thanks!

A disturbing distress call in the middle of the night wakes Matthew Diacrisis up, it's from the staff who've completely lost control of the Excillar Supermax Security Penitentiary in northern Canada, a frightful region full of ghastly blizzards. Are you ready for investigate this unraveled mystery against overwhelming odds? Jump into this 2D Side-scrolling Survival Horror Game and face the outbreak of unrelenting zombie hordes, which eradicated all hope of redemption for the prisoners who now will do anything to escape this dilapidated correctional facility.

This trailer contains scenes of the actual gameplay.

Soundtrack: AfterInfinity - Damned

Visit website: http://www.diacrisis.com.br

How about some classical beat em up with a lot of gun action and overwhelming swarms of zombies? You will get thrilled with the animated storytelling and survivor horror ambience.

discord: https://discord.gg/Y9q6g9Q
twitch: https://twitch.tv/luanprates92
twitter: https://twitter.com/DiacrisisG
facebook: http://facebook.com/diacrisisgame
forum: http://diacrisis.forumeiros.com
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/luanprates

Watch the first episode: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/639063

Diacrisis is a 2D-Sidescrolling Beat Em'Up Horror Thriller created by Luan Prates, all rights reserved.

Join Discord and download the DEMO right now!

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at first it was a bit cringe but then it hit me! good job!!

Oh this looks HORRTASTIC!
Okay, I apologize for the cheesy wordplay, but this does look great honestly, and I've always been keen to get my hands on a good horror themed beatemup, as while I have played some solid ones in the past, there just aren't too many that work well to bring in horror and a solid beatemup system into place.

Knowing this is out now, and that I have a new laptop, I will check this game out soon on it's webpage!

Oh wow! The game looks nice even though it’s a trailer... although I’m exited for the full release:)

Alucard responds:

The game is released, my bro!
Check Steam link :D
The game we're doing is another one, a new one ;)

If I play this will you let me see my family? please, I just want to talk to them

Alucard responds:

LMAO! Sorry?

The 2.5D aesthetic mix is really intriguing and in the trailer it looks really cool.

Thanks for the free demo, it's not my type of game, but played it a couple of times.

It's weird that you don't play as the character of the trailer and I think that in the trailer the game looks better, I suppose the demo is an early build of the game and don't reflect the final product. it would be better, if this is the case, that you notice about it.