Flight of the Squirrel

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Author Comments

An innocent acorn hangs in peril, as the infamous oak holds his nuts captive. Who will come to save them? Super Squirrel* flies to the rescue.

*May contain traces of nuts

I recently went to see "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", Excellent Movie!!! Here is an animation with a slight comic feel.

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Very cool animation. The music fits well too and doesn't overshadow the sound effects. The major peoblem i have is that it wasn't like intense or interesting action. Overall though the animation was the major appeal and cincept for this so i didn't mind too much.

I really like the style of this, haven't seen much else like it! A squirrel saving an acorn though confuses me since squirrels... eat nuts...
But eh, "logic" aside, good use of colours, dots, and onomatopoeia!

sketchysquirrel responds:

Thanks Lindenbree for your encouragement! Yes... it was an odd coupling... and yes the squirrel is "saving" the acorn... for a snack. :)

Could do with better sound design, but good overall.

That was cute. I like the style. I was a bit confused though, because what are searchlights and buzzsaws doing in the middle of the city? Why was the squirrel even there? I guess he was looking for the oak, but can't he just fly over everything? We also weren't given an indication he was actually searching. I liked the premise though. I found it funny how easy it was to "defeat" the Oak. However, the sound effects and/or music seemed too quiet. The whole thing, as a result, felt kinda understated, which, seeing as how you had bouncing sound effect all over the place, was kinda weird. Maybe you could have had the music swell dramatically as he was winding up to punch the oak and then had it be a little tiny squirrel punch. I think that would have worked well. That ending screen was funny though.
Overall you've got some nice things here. It's a wholesome one-off joke, but it just felt kinda underwhelming. You have potential though, keep it up!

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3.16 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2019
2:14 AM EDT