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Jevil, Thoust Ist Spending All My Money

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Audio from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv3cMATTYX4

And yes, I have permission to use this. Behold: https://youtu.be/xWulOtWE_Tk?t=280

I still don't know how to animate and this took a month. It's like 98% frame-by-frame. Next time I'm going either for puppet animating or selling my soul to a textbook of time-saving methods. Anyway, enjoy I guess.
I have more to say but there's an invisible character limit so cool

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Not too bad for a short sketch. Keep practicing and getting better. Here's hoping your next animation will be much better.

Lindenbree responds:

Thank you! I hope to improve as well!

Entertaining little sketch, though was going to comment on how the audio could use a bit better recording source but eh... seems that bit's not so easy to do anything about! Animation's progressing, though I think something that deviates from the dialog itself would be good too. Step outside the room a bit. Visualize what's being talked about? With animation normal restrictions don't apply.


Lindenbree responds:

Heh, I didn't even think people would assume the audio recording was bad! It's that way to imitate the game it's based on (Delta Rune). In it, Jevil has a compressed-sounding echoey voice. But I totally get why you might think it was just a crappy mic in a wind tunnel!
Hm... I did try to think more animation...y. Especially with the backgrounds sliding. But I guess I need to go further with stuff like that. Thanks for the review!