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Death Chamber

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Can you survive? Evade saws, lasers, crushers and other deadly hazards in this action-packed platformer! Grab collectables with special abilities that will equip you to face all 6 waves of increasing difficulty.


each wave is a 60 second onslaught of hazards. When the timer at the top right of the screen hits zero, you complete the wave! Your health is restored and you move on to the next one. Each wave has it's own set of hazards which behave differently, so learning how they work will help you evade them. You can only take two hits before it's gameover. Don't give up!


Each second you survive will add a point to your score seen at the top left of the screen. Collecting green squares will net you 10 points multiplied by the number wave you are on. You’ll have to be careful to not get hit by any hazards, yet quick to grab the collectables before they disappear.


MOVE - Left & right arrow keys move you while grounded or airborne.
JUMP - Quickly hit the D key for a short hop or hold it for a high jump.


DOUBLE JUMP - hit the D key mid-jump to get another burst of upward velocity. This extra jump’s height isn’t variable like a regular jump.
DODGE - hit the S key and either the left or right arrow key to quickly move in that direction. For this brief period you are invincible to lasers and projectiles. This ability has a cooldown, and a green flash indicates when you can dodge again. Remember, this can be done while airborne or grounded. Mastery of this skill is crucial.


You can pause the game while a wave is going by hitting the ESCAPE key. Press it again to resume play.


You can also get the game as a standalone download for windows and OSX. The free download is available at itch.io: https://mayordump.itch.io/dc


​I wrote a long reddit post about what I learnt from this game's rough development, which can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/bflegi/beginner_advice_from_someone_who_had_a_bad/

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:) .

Oh yeah the ending was really high expectations for you @mayorDump good Job :D

This is fun and enjoyable! Great work! 8)

This Game is Hard as Crap, but fun, little small but has a great challenge.

very good

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2019
2:08 AM EDT
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
Misc. Kit
  • LSDJ on gameboy emulator

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