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NeedleQuest is a NES inspired platformer, an homage to classics like Megaman and Super Mario Bros.

WASD / Arrow keys - move
J / Z - jump
K / X - shoot
L / C - remove bullets

Thanks for the frontpage!

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Very stylish and cool; the world design is very interesting and I want to get into it. But the game feel is a bit off: movement feels very stiff, shots are annoyingly delayed, and the jumps can be frustrating as they don't work properly a lot of the times near ledges and such. For the jumps, considering looking into coyote time and not freezing movement for shots, and other things.

I love old school games. But after that half-assed jump near ledges is not doing it for me. Seems like you could also make your character jump up from under the needle-ledges, rather than just have them impede.

seems rly cool. great music and animation. nice background details, i love the propaganda posters and idling animations. everything ive played so far has been very intuitive.
im gonna list any bugs i find, will probably edit as i go along.
- it looks like none of your "!!!" signs say anything besides the first one. im still able to figure everything out so far though
-not sure what the yarn balls do. i thought they were extra lives, but i died right after grabbing one and still got a game over. im assuming this is because i cant read the signs lol

Game is fun, but the controls are lacking. The jump is off when you get close to edge, the needle throw is to slow, and when you hold down the jump you, at times will double jump and fly off. I like the story, and if you fix this should be a great game.

Even though the game has potential like using your own needles as platforms, it suffers from a lot of problems. For example, the dialogue boxes. I feel like they should freeze the action because I got hit in-game WHILE reading the dialogue. I also feel like they should be skipped when rapidly pressing a button. Another problem is no pause button. What if I need to take a break while I'm in the middle of a level? One more problem I want to list, the second boss. Unless I'm mistaken, I have to hit his staff when he throws it to the floor. Unfortunately, I have to hit it without any rocks in the way and if that wasn't enough, I have to read through the dialogue everytime I die and try to fight him again. Maybe there should be some upgrades like more health, stronger needles, double jump, or something to make the game a little more fair.