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Zig Zag 2

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This is my second game as an indie game developer.
This is the updated version of Zig Zag.
Please play and make sure to review and leave a rating.

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It's alright. The core concept is pretty good, although the main flaw here is that it gets boring after a while (let's say around 20-30 score mark). The problem is, the game doesn't change (i.e. doesn't gradually get harder or more challenging), therefore there's not much of an incentive to play further. You could keep going indefinitely, but eventually, you make a mistake out of sheer boredom.

Consider these ideas/game modes for improvement:
– Speed up: Your speed gradually increases. The crystals now only take 1/3 of the path's width, so you have to make a turn at a precise point in order to collect them. Collecting a crystal resets your speed back to normal.
– Obstacles: Apart from the red "Turn" button, "Jump" and "Crouch" has been added. There are now obstacles which appear sometimes, forcing you to pick the appropriate option (e.g. jump over a gap). The road sometimes also gets wider/narrower.

Either of these (or a mixture of them) would probably help players feel a bit more in control and make the game test your skills, not your patience.

As for minor things:
– You're using the Standard WebGL template which has the footer, which means you need to add 38 to the vertical resolution you set in NG Project System, otherwise the game window is cut off.
– I believe this free texture (if I'm not mistaken and it is "Hand Painted Stone Texture" from Asset Store) also had a normal map included. Please use it or generate one otherwise. It's supposed to be stone, but the reflected light makes it look like it's flat. A normal map would make it appear more three-dimensional.
– 'Press to start' – press what? It's Enter, but it's not written onscreen and I had to figure it out via trial and error. How about pressing the red button to start the game?
– If you walk very close to the edge, the game plays 'fall state animation' even though you're not really falling yet.
– The 'Score' font doesn't match the font of the rest of the game.
– It'd be cool to see some sort of background underneath you instead of the plain orange

Nevertheless, it a good game; I'd try to think about more ways to keep players engaged, though. Good luck with your future projects.

Madhurchugh responds:

Thanks for the ideas.Really appreciated
I'll be releasing updated version soon

It's playable but the speed needs to scale up over time.

not bad as a concept. graphics are good, but it needs developing. for example: background, changing difficulty, (like speed, or different paths, or jumps or something), music is good but to repetitive. could also use a longer animation when falling.
Keep working on it.

Had to figure out how to start at first, but it's pretty fun. Get's a bit boring after a while as it's really easy, and had a little bug a few times where the character did the falling pose though i was still on track, making him float for a few seconds.
Still a good job for a second game, keep it up!

Game is pretty good, for some reason the space key doesn't work but other than that pretty good