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Get Back to Work

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This is a short animation I made about daydreaming when you have work to do, inspired in part by the fact that I made this to avoid studying for my final exams for my final term of undergrad. I find myself lost thinking about places I can't go before corralling my thoughts and getting back to the task at hand and I wanted to try capturing that feeling.

I considered listing this movie as having "adult themes" such as "being responsible for managing your time" but decided that maybe that's not what Newgrounds meant.

Anyway as you can probably tell, I don't do a whole lot of animation any more, so I'm kind of limited to 30-second vignettes, as that's the most I can get done in my small chunks of non-programming time. This one was optimized for having a bunch of little character animation sequences balanced with some effects animation like the billowing drapes. It's certainly not a marvel of filmmaking by any stretch of the animation, but it did give me something fun and with a small scope to work on.

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get back to work, mr squidward

Nice effects

So this film here has some nice effects on it love the amount and use of color to really make this feel like an artistic film the music was really nice too it kind of ended short and seems like it could have had a few more scnes anyways nice work here.

seems like it could have had a few more scne


short but effective

I gave you a fair amount of stars because I do the same thing, Difference is that when in a car I have robots fighting each other, though they are each moving alongside the car throwing punches rolling on the dirt crashing into houses and other cars all because they are trying to catch up to the van but bent on killing each other simultaneously... Each time the sunbeams glare at my eyes, it's their plasma canons blinding e area from the muzzle flash...

Or I try in vain to really put into perspective the size of the universe... then i try to zoom out...more and more and more and more and more and more until you see a weird fiber like bac setting zooming out more and more and more 4:00 Minutes into Waltz of the Flowers as you see zooming out finally reveals that the universe is a piece of cardboard frozen in time because of how insignificantly instant our existence as a species really is in the real world... To the point that we are eternally unnoticed by all because of how small and instant Then I wonder if we are all standing on an atom?


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3.69 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2019
10:23 PM EDT