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Astros - a cosmic love story!

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MC is an Astrophysicist. He has published many research papers and was part of various major discoveries in this field and is currently working on a new theory which would revolutionize science as we know it. A lot of things happen and he had to leave his job and move to a different city and start over. Play ahead and find out what awaits him. Is it even more failure or is his life going to be changed in ways he never thought were possible?

Please visit www.patreon.com/biZZler to support us and continue the experience.
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the story is nice but that is it the characters terrify me and are the stuff of night

Edit: thumbs up on the body ..... but the face is still screaming"KILL ME!!!"

biZZler responds:

Hmm if you check my patreon page you'd know that I'm updating the characters and that they look way more sexier now.

It's a working "game", but that's about it. The characters look somewhat creepy and unnatural, and the game is incredibly short. Even ignoring that, the player has basically no control over what happens in the game. You can make one choice (to go home by yourself or with Sam), and the same thing happens no matter what you choose. It's barely a demo, let alone a game. Take some time to make a functional product before putting it here.

biZZler responds:

Loud and clear my friend.
I'm already developing an extended version of this with refreshed characters. I wanna release it by next month if everything goes as expected.

Plays out decently, but needs grammar-checking + stop having Sam repeat the main character's name so much when speaking. Doesn't seem natural.

Also, neither Sam nor Emily seem to have attractive-looking faces when they're facing you (and Emily's body proportions look awkward at close range, too. She looks fat when close, but slim when more distant.)

biZZler responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

It's a visual novel. Nothing else really. I can see how some might like these, that's why I didn't blam it but I personally don't care for it.

biZZler responds:

That's where you are wrong my friend. This is a demo version and the upcoming versions will have a lot more stuff. That much I can assure you.