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Generic Space Shooter

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Author Comments

The casual game shooter game was made to reminisce about the old alien invader times, unfortunately as I was in the free version of construct 3 I could not do a more realistic thing to the past.

- - - Constructive reviews are always welcome! - - -

{ MOUSE - - > Control the game }

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I've never been a fan of losing from one single hit. The game is over quickly. It appears very simple. A single type of enemy. No power ups. I have to keep the mouse button pressed at all times to move. I hope this wasn't assigned class work.

Ok, ok, I apologize if I'm station the obvious, but it's generic

edudev responds:

Yes, quite generic xD

I can't see the enemy bullets, first I thought I died for no reason.
Also your sound designer stole a lot of sound effects and such.
Also, shouldn't the moon be part of the background instead being front of the snow/stars?

edudev responds:

Hello 2000Mater, thanks for the review. The bullets are hard to see since I used an engine in the free version and then I was limited to MANY things, one of them was not to put a glow effect on the projectile enemy. On the sound I could not put many and at random, because the tool required for this the paid version. And finally on the moon is true, in a next update I will correct this, probably changing engine

1. Enemy bullets travel too fast and are too hard to see. There needs to be a clear contrast between the bullets and background. Make enemy bullet red with a nice outer glow.
2. The player shouldn't stick to the mouse but follow it.
3. Add new enemy types with their own behaviors.
4. I like the random enemy movement. It makes them seem intelligent like they're trying to outsmart me.
5. Needs eye-candy. E.g. explosions.
6. Keep learning and improving.

edudev responds:

Hello Jeffy, the game actually contains a lot of errors and most of it is due to the super limitation that the engine brought me. Thanks for the criticism and the work that gave to do it, I really enjoyed the ship follow the mouse in a next update I will implement!