Rise of factions 0.2.5

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An idle factory building game, where you can create factories, recruit clans, scout new locations, research techs and trade.

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The underlying concept is great, but there are a lot of issues with the execution that leave the player baffled about what they're trying to do and fighting with the interface as much as the game's underlying puzzles they're supposed to be solving.

Some things I would recommend:
If people have placed a conveyor belt and want to change the direction that inputs/outputs are facing, then let them rotate them without having to destroy the transporter, bring up the transporter building page, change the directions of the inputs/outputs, and then place it on the map.

If people have placed a production tile like a furnace, let them change what it's supposed to produce without having to destroy and rebuild.

If I'm trying to build a production line and don't have all of the units I need available, I'd like to be able to buy more from the building screen instead of having to exit out to the trade tab, buy more, then go back to the build screen and place them, especially if there are multiple different types of units that I need to buy to make the production work.

I am confused why I can't set up a collector picking up something like iron ore and wood from two different source tiles and feeding it to a furnace and have it work.

I get the feeling that things could be clarified a lot better with the guide tips, and the wikis look kind of like a computer programming reference that can only be understood by the person who wrote it and some professional programmers so they could use a little more of an "English" explanation about how to make things work.

GrafixGames responds:

You can change the direction of the belt and recipe of production object by just clicking on it. No need to destroy it.

The reason I was not allowing people to buy objects from build menu because I wanted to make the experience like real life. You create a shopping list then go to shop and buy all the stuffs in the list.

I am constantly working on wiki.. Next version I will create very detailed wiki.

PS If you want more help or want something else, can you please post on my reddit page or support forums? It is really hard to create a comment chain on newgrounds

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2.84 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2019
3:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Other