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i'll fall

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This game is inspired in "Super catre box", but with other main mechanic... "random shoot properties". In each run your dragon has other properties, like different scale of the shoots or different speed of the bullet.

Key Right / Key Left: Movement
X: Shoot
C: Actions

===> LINKS <===
Twitter for more news: https://twitter.com/ModestPan
itch.io: https://srpan.itch.io/

Depends on the reception, i will make more things with the game, like add other maps or even upload the game to mobile (android, ios)

Thanks for playing <3

UPDATE 1.0.2
-The player move more slow
-The sprite of the dragon and particles changed
-Controls in hud room
-Better score fixed
-The enemies when they fall don't damage you, but invoque a colossal enemy
-The game is more easy

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Very cool; especially with the sound design.

Pretty fun and addicting game, would play again!

A bit clunky and glitchy; I got stuck without a gun to shoot. It could use more time in the oven, but there does seem to be a really punchy and exciting gun game in there, given the crazy sounds, fast pace, and weird world.

Could need some upgrades that make you stronger or shoot faster.

for the love of god stop using "Z" key to do stuff. For users who are using qwertz keyboard layout, it's completly unplayable.


people seem to not understand why would someone use such keyboard layout. it's the default layout in lots of european countries. For example germany (they are to blame for this because historical reasons reaching back to the age of typewriters), czech republic, slovakia, austria, hungary use QWERTZ. Please use ASDF or JKL for action keys because they fit most countries, both ASDF and JKL work on QWERTZ and QWERTY and even on AZERTY (france) layouts although for the AZERTY it's not perfect since you still have your A in different row but this way your hand doesn't hurt from the strain that the ZXC puts on it.

ZXC becomes YXC
and suddenly you have to reach to the other side of the keyboard to do basic action.

ASDF and JKL mostly stay the same on most keyboard layouts with the exception of the france
who only have SDF available in one row, however A is still reachable without having to lift your hand and move it.