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This game is inspired in "Super catre box", but with other main mechanic... "random shoot properties". In each run your dragon has other properties, like different scale of the shoots or different speed of the bullet.

Key Right / Key Left: Movement
X: Shoot
C: Actions

===> LINKS <===
Twitter for more news: https://twitter.com/ModestPan
itch.io: https://srpan.itch.io/

Depends on the reception, i will make more things with the game, like add other maps or even upload the game to mobile (android, ios)

Thanks for playing <3

UPDATE 1.0.2
-The player move more slow
-The sprite of the dragon and particles changed
-Controls in hud room
-Better score fixed
-The enemies when they fall don't damage you, but invoque a colossal enemy
-The game is more easy

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This game seems pretty mixed overall for everything.

The audio seems both good and yet bad.

The good being the footsteps fit the pacing yet enemies do not seem to make noise from what I notice. The calm music on the starting screen is nice too. The sound of square bullets hitting foes reminds me of old retro video games too.

The bad being the music for the main level itself just seems really odd, at least to me it does.

The gameplay while I do see you did update it still seems a bit frustrating. Not going to give a low score mainly because I realize this is not exactly my type of game. It is fun if you can get the handle of things though.

The graphics are retro and remind me of some other older games I have played on Newgrounds over time. Simplicity in style is sometimes the best way to go when making a game. :)

Overall, seems mixed but it is not bad. Just seems to be a game that takes a little time to get used to.

Lower the difficulty level a tiny bit pls.

PanST responds:

in the next update jeje <3

Surprisingly fun arcade game!

PanST responds:

Thanks dude <3

I didn't expect it to be fun when I opened it but I am surprised! I kinda Like it.

Some suggestions:
- The "jump" key is not really intuitive. Try assigning up arrow or space?
- In-game music mute button, Restart button, and some way to access the starting menu.
- After playing a couple of times my character stopped shooting. I had to refresh the page to get it working again.
- I think there should be more balance especially when the big guys come in, like the game getting progressively harder rather than being hard right from the start but it could just be a matter of taste.

That's all I could think of. Looking forward to seeing it develop further ;)

PanST responds:

Thanks dude, i will fix some things in the next update <3

I don't know if it's just me, but I don't really understand how the game works other than I just shoot the red things until I either run out of lives or exit the level randomly, and that I press C to re-enter the level

PanST responds:

is a time killer :/ sorry if you don't like it. i'm still very noob making games

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2019
3:12 PM EDT
Action - Other