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Yes, this is made with Ren'Py :)
More precisely the RenPyWeb port.

I uploaded this port to newgrounds so fellow gamedevs can see RenPyWeb works fine here. Yes, this is the sample game from Ren'Py, please don't delete ^_^
Developer mode (Shift+O) was left enabled - just saying~

I setup a Patreon to foster development of Ren'Py for the Web:

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I wanted to try uploading my ren'py vn to web but the sounds and the game were lagging. Well, the game file was also like 150mb. Can you tell me how I can improve the audio and gameplay? Thanks for this program.

Beuc responds:


(Newgrounds doesn't notify me of comments, I only see this now :/)

RenPyWeb is currently slow for lots of reasons (see https://github.com/renpy/renpyweb#performances for the techs), but I think I'll have good news very soon - follow the patreon news :)

150MB is quite large for a web game, that won't slow the game by itself, but players will have to download that everytime they play before it starts and they will complain. Check RenPyWeb's F.A.Q. for suggestions. I need some time to work on on-demand resources download to improve this for good :)

I think that anyone rating the game needs to know that it wasn't made by Beuc.
It was made by the Ren'Py team, and the upload should be treated as such.

Beuc responds:

Thanks, indeed this upload is more about testing RenPyWeb on Newgrounds than the sample game itself. For all due credits just click on "About" in the title menu :)

Nice game! However, the sound is buggy so I had to mute it. Although, everything looks great, the art and the story is good. Keep it up :D

Beuc responds:

I believe I improved the audio, let me know how it works for you!

Not a bad game in of itself, though the audio issue drove me to muting my browser in a matter of minutes. Though the story is passable. Overall for a test it does the job but as a game it needs work. Good luck on improving Ren'Py

Edit: Audio fixed, upped score.

Beuc responds:

The audio should be better now, let me know if this improved things for you.

I see this is to test your new program so I'll give you a double repport

for the logicial: your program is working quite well but I have to problems: the full screen is really buggy when you try to come back to windowed (but I think some one already said that) and the audio isn't working for me (maybe a problem with newground because it's working on your site even if it's a little buggy).
maybe I could try to use your program once it's readdy.

for the story: the consept is intresting and I really like it. Currently you have an intro and a good ending but the whole body is missing (being a sample it's normal) but there is a lot of potential:
how is the guy going to work with the girl, how will he try to be closer to her.
what kind of story will they write, what will happen when they don't agree on the story.
what type of person is the girl.
what about schools, relations outside the novels and difficult times.
the 3 last are maybe to much but there is a lot you can do with what you already have.
so it would be cool if, for your future test, you give us at least a chapter one of this game (like how is their first story going).

anyway I only give you a 5/10 because I mainly juge the game in it self and the main points are thanks to the graphism, the good Frensh translation and the starting consept. (the music is cool too but really repetitive)
but the score could be better if you add the main story. I hope we'll be able to see it.
good luck with your projects

Beuc responds:

Thanks for the double report!
It seems the audio somehow got caught by Chrome's Autoplay policy. Why it still works on my website (and also at itch.io) is somewhat a mystery, I'll investigate!

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2.92 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2019
7:47 AM EDT
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