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Arrow keys move Raymond's head, and [Z] shoots brainwaves.

Avoid fruitbats and thorns!

Your meal is complete when the food meter is full.


You are Raymond, the shortest member of a herd of Pearpickers. Unfortunately, you were born a runt and could never reach the pears. But one day, a scientist came to the plains to study your herd and took pity on you. He outfitted you with a robotic neck extension that allowed you to reach the highest, most prized pears!

Today is a day like any other. You have wandered into the woods to fill your belly before your afternoon nap. As always, you are careful to avoid the pesky fruitbats and poky thorns that make every meal an adventure...

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Not too shabby; would like to see more from this, especially considering the quality graphics. I feel like the mechanics might not be explored as best as they could. Could see it becoming something like Oil's Well with the whole head mechanic.

Really cute and a lot of fun! Simple and fun! Reminds me of Centipede or something!


Fun and simple, challenging, yet nutritious :)

This just isn't fun to play.