Vampire Garden

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You are a vampire tending to your garden.

Be wary of the sun; the light that gives your plants life will take yours away.

Grow your garden across 83 levels.

WASD / Arrow Keys to move
Z / Shift / Backspace to undo
Space / Control to oscillate while waiting for the sun to pass
R to reset a level
Escape to return to the menu

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This is one of the best puzzle games on Newgrounds. It ticks all of my boxes:

- Simple mechanics
- Elegant solutions
- Lateral thinking
- Genuinely challenging
- Few unnecessary annoyances

No joke, some of these I've had to sleep on before I could figure them out; I've finally solved everything up to level 70, at which point things get positively fiendish! Thank you so much for what I suspect will be several more nights of head-scratching.

(And JJMAJR: no offence taken, I totes agree.)

very good

Simple to learn, fun mechanics, good levels. Pretty great puzzle game!

This is like the sequel to Omelettes I never asked to be shoved into my rectum like hard boiled eggs and yet despite how it sounds so wrong it feels so right as it

okay sexual jokes aside, it's pretty good stuff. The puzzles are REAL hard and I was only able to unlock up to level 70 and have a clean run of levels up to 44 over the course of a couple of days. This is in comparison to both Labyrneath titles which took me less than a day for me to finish each of them.

The game is downright frustrating at times but at the same time if you are going to play something that sounds so homoerotic as "Vampire Gardener" you should be prepared to be fucked in the ass.

I apologize to anyone that's actually gay and is reading this I'm just following outdated conventions from edgy teenagers in 2009.

I really would want to see more of this and am downright entertained by your content so far. Keep it up!

A very good game over all with good and hard puzzles. Music would have been nice though :T

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2019
4:09 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other