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"Cellonix" is a little game with Xonix-like mechanics. Fill entire board with red color avoiding enemies crawling inside and outside of the board. Gain points to advance to next rank increasing movement speed. Gather achievements for doing specific tasks and gain even more points!

Press the middle button under game window to launch the game in fullscreen mode. The game supports mouse input.


arrow keys - navigation / movement
X - select / continue
Z - back / pause
Enter - PICO-8 menu
left mouse button - select
right mouse button - back

This game contains two editions: Free and Premium. Free Edition allows you to familiarize with the game, how it looks and if it's good in your opinion. Premium is a paid version of the game which unlocks entire content like additional levels, special skills or difficulty levels.

Free Edition of the "Cellonix" offers only:

* Normal difficulty
* 20 levels
* 5th rank as a maximum obtainable
* 12 of 20 achievements

Feel free to visit my website: https://jasonxiii.pl

Buy now Premium Edition on itch.io to bypass above limits!

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I like the idea of the game but it would be soooo much more fun if the levels weren't timed.

And why are the controls in-game 'x' and 'o' but the actual controls mapped to Z and X? And Z and X are such weird keys to choose for what they do. And then there's just the fact that you don't even need them yet the game is throwing them in your face all the time. Why am I told so much about these useless buttons before I even know what the actual game is? It's all so confusing and unnecessary.

JasonNumberThirteen responds:

Now it's my turn:
I tried to stick to the original game and there you'll find timer. For you, levels gives more fun if you stand five minutes in the same place and think what to do next. Controls are so "weird" (but only for you) because this is default input in PICO-8. It could give a bit of confusion and that's why I gave special initial scene with instructions (logical, huh?). If you think this buttons while gameplay is unnecessary, then it would be impossible to pause the game (Z), choose option from pause menu (X), restart level (X), go to next level (X) or leave the game (Z). Here you have this "useless keys". About your talking before: I don't recognize you as a one who leaves a comment below one of my games. I don't even know what you're talking about. Leave some anger for yourself and try to be more objective next time.

Nice!, I've seen the concept before but this adds something new to it, love the simple look with the tricky gameplay, cool game

This is great! I'm surprised I've managed to get so far (level 7), despite being on the verge of quitting at the first level already xD The game was reaaally difficult for me at the start for some reason and I was going to quickly tell you to decrease the game's difficulty by a lot, but now it seems okay and more balanced :)

Though, another problem I've had in terms of difficulty was with distinguishing myself and the enemies, it was mainly a problem at the start and got OK later since you could see yourself from a huge distance, but I'd suggest maybe making it so the different blocks have a bit more contrast and so that everything is a bit more smooth and moves at more frames. That way, you can coordinate your moves more precisely and not have an enemy hitting you everytime because you were too slow or something xD

Anyways, this was a good one! Fun to play and also felt a bit different from what I've been playing in the last couple of weeks ;)

It's a fun xionix-like. The controls feel a little delayed and unresponsive though.

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3.20 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2019
7:01 AM EDT
Action - Other
  • PICO-8
  • Daily 5th Place April 6, 2019