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This game was made during the Weekly Game Jam 90 in 5 days. The theme was "Radioactivity".

The world has fallen, and radioactivity is everywhere.

Place carefully your people and build fortifications to protect them from herds of infected enemies.

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A Little bit difficult.

Game pleasant and very simple to understand. Not able for everyone...

the difficulty ranks up too fast.

The game looked fun, it's sad

Amazingly difficult!

Brutally simple graphics!

I love it.

I've gotten to level 8 once.

This could use a "R"estart to begin when you've messed up without having to read the intro text again.

Would also find it useful to be able to select multiple characters to move them as a group. Icing on the cake would be that they keep the same formation/distance when they get to their destination.

So, this game is VERY simple to operate, but the difficulty ramps up insanely fast. Around level 7 or 8, walls become useless as the zombies simply blast right through them faster than the characters can shoot. The last level I did I had a wall that was 4 layers thick. They tore through it in the span of less than two shots. I get that you want the game to be difficult, but shouldn't it at least be possible? The other problem is, of course, the simplicity of the design. I get that it's a gamejam game, but it still seems really bad to have all the sprites just be different color dots.

The intro is too long and too slow and by the time you skip through it you get so annoyed that you don't even want to read the tutorial/control tips...