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The Monster

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as a part of an art show, I made a piece that explores the imagination of a child who lives in the same home as an alcoholic parent. I'd interviewed a couple of people who had to live through this experience and it really opened my eyes to what some kids have to go through and how they feel.

This piece was initially made as an augmented reality art print and is made to loop.

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very interesting but the loop was a bad decision. it would have been much better if he went back and the "monster" was right there and he flys back and it follows him around drunk screaming or something. make it a real horror skit rather than crapping out at the "oh it's a political piece."

Wow deep

So this one was a bit deep you really have a great scene here or clip and I would suggest adding more to this or make a whole movie all together the art and animation itself was pretty good very nice work here, I love the dark element here hope to see more soon.

as mentioned maybe make a full movie from this


Got to say great looking animation here mate, looks great. Smooth and nice sound cue's as well. Kinda gives me some vibes from The game Among the Sleep.
Well any way, nicely done here mate

DANG, that terrified me. you did an amazing job conveying the terror kids would go through with something like this. Well done.

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3.83 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2019
7:46 PM EDT