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Mr. Courageous

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A little song I put together in my livingroom. Didn't want to make a very advanced music video so I did these rotoscope animations. It's not hard to do but can be quite tiresome.

I have a tutorial on my channel on how I made this video.
If you're interested:

The song is also available on iTunes and spotify.

Both the music and video are produced by me, aka "Broken Groove".

If you have any questions just let me know.

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this song macks me think when i grow up and git a car i will look and see the sun and a dog that loves me we are going to move and i think i will move back here and when i do i well setel in my new home and then look what is new and say" what a beautiful day" and lison to this song this beautiful song and just that well .... i love life and i hope to be loved loveing and just happy.
happy 2020 everone and happy 4 of Julie

Outstanding work.
Two thumbs up.

Please tell me this jam is in the audio portal or soundcloud!
I appreciate the full roto during the song, it's not just some cheesy loop but stylish effort!

Trippple responds:

The song is available on spotify. But I can upload it on the audio portal for you ;)

Feelgood music, and pretty smooth animation to it. Not the most elaborate loops, but they do look authentic. And they do get better. For the most part it feels like this is more audio than animation though. It's something you'd like to listen to, but maybe get a bit bored watching. It's not bad just: not that much variation.


how do you master so clean?

Trippple responds:

I don't exactly know what you mean.