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Exodus Mercenaries 2

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Horrible Submarine 5 Points

Destroy the Aegis Submarine

Memory Loss 5 Points

Unravel the secrets of Zach's past

Family Bonds 10 Points

Defeat the Fantasy Animus and find Lochia's sister

Bacteria are live beings too 25 Points

Defeat the traitor

Death Slayer 25 Points

Defeat the Thanatos Animus

Fates Entwined 50 Points

Defeat Transcript

Literally Cancer 50 Points

Defeat Ailse


Defeat Lord Karkinos

Author Comments

This time I've focused on story and optimization, explaining all the events with short cutscenes and using a new combat system that allows characters to attack without the need of collisions. Though Level 50 is the maximum level, you can further upgrade your character with the rebirth system and upgrade the awakening skill endlessly.
Mouse to move and target enemies, your character will automatically attack if it is within range.
1 to 4: Skills / 5 or Q: Potion / 6 or W: Awakening
ESC to abort a mission, you can hold Shift to prevent your character from moving.
Most of the resources come from RTPs from different RPG Makers, some from very old free games , some were created by me. Special thanks to Stencyl for developing, Lunapic for editing, Cooltext for creating the interface and whoever helped me do the butterfly curve. Kudos to this artist too http://opengameart.org/content/dungeon-crawl-32x32-tiles-supplemental
*Allow cookies to keep your progress saved, the game is automatically saved when you return to the Map.
Update 1: Added a button to claim the boss medals if you lost connection
Update 2: Fixed a typo showing an incorrect value when upgrading the Awakening skill
Update 3: Improved the visibility in the last boss fight
On exceedingly rare occasions the music gets randomly muted for no reason when changing the map. If you want to, refreshing the page brings it back.

There is a multi-account troll writing blatant insults, underhanded lies, spreading even more obvious insults and lies, endlessly trying to twist EVERY possible aspect of the game negatively in each sentence (not limited to graphics), misunderstanding basic and intuitive mechanics on purpose and just being an unreasonable jerk about the game overall despite having earned no more than 1 medal in 1 account, when I beat his pointless arguments and prove his lies wrong he simply removes the post and posts even more lies with another account. I won't be there forever so please don't trust whatever trash he spits right in the front page and just take a look at the game by yourself, because it is unfair that unwelcome garbage appears right under my game.

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The game that everyone waited for. The game that people really want to play.
The game that is a pinnacle of gaming and the ultimate gaming experience.
I think that the game would improve greatly if it didn't have medals. Really, this alone would make it a 5/5 game.

umm when i got to the double enemies the screen started to glitch and i could not continue from the start of the game

could use some work half the time couldn't understand what's going on and aiko is op

Coszero is broken there is a way to reset his third skill by using Transcendental butterfly and Spira gyroscope then Parhelion kaledoscope.
Use Transcendental butterfly to keep enemies away from you and you can use Kernal projection to teleport away from enemies.

I agree with norat374 and others who've noted that there is potential here but the graphic quality is the largest flaw here. I do like having a very WoW style skill timing system I believe that is just fine the way it is.
The biggest flaw I think is the author's attitude. Frankly there is no excuse for the kind of profanity laden response to thezipper100, whether his target is a troll or not, as the criticisms that thezipper100 offered have merit. Other reviewers can say the same.
I would love to see this game or a sequel or other project show improvement and growth but taking criticism with a little humility and a lot less piss and vinegar is an important first step.

Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2019
2:01 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place March 24, 2019