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2D Animation Showreel

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A brief glimpse at my sense of style and motion when it comes to animation.

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P gud

A pretty solid showcase here, with smooth and jazzy music for company. Nice works.


In response to what one of the commentors said, like, literally thousands of people at least? Anyone who either is an animator, an inspiring animator or is just passionate about the art form? Many, many people care about unconnected animations, including myself.

As for YOUR unconnected animations Tom, they're fucking beautiful. :P I love your art style and the animations themselves are both very fluid and are nicely telegraphed/readable, hitting a lot of the main principles of animation. Can't wait to see what else you do with em, would love to see your work in a game someday if that isn't already a thing.

TommeyPinkiemonkey responds:

Cheers, mate! Really appreciated. Maybe we'll end up seeing my work in full display at some point, who knows? It's certainly a fact that me and my friends have got plenty of plans, but when exactly those plans will come to fruition... well, hopefully sooner than later!

Looking good! I like your style and how the characters move, looks very clean and is pleasing to watch. Keep up the great work!