Super Minesweeper

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Super Minesweeper is a re-imagining of the classic Minesweeper from 1989!

Arrow keys - Move
Z - Jump
X - Drill/Mine
C - Flag/Question

If you find any glitches, or just want to contact me, my Twitter is @rgbmew, and my email is rgbmew@gmail

Special thanks to @HECKSCAPER for pretty much coming up with the idea for this game lmao

Edit: I forget to mention this, but if you think this game can be improved, or if the game just sucks beyond repair, please tell me in a review! Criticism is pretty much the only way I can grow as a creator, so I'll take as much of it as I can get!

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So it's a very interesting concept, but I found a previously unmentioned bug. While I was playing a 16x16 grid, I came across a 1 where the bomb for that one was already found, but when I drilled down, there was a bomb right there. The bomb detection could use some fine tuning.

cthrn responds:

I just woke up, so my brain doesn't *completely* work right now, but you're saying there's a problem with the numbers right?
Like, there was a bomb in a place where there shouldn't have been?
Uhmmmm, I don't really know what to say. I've never had that happen to me. I can look into it though!

Pretty interesting concept. I found a bug though. If I jump off the board before mining or drilling any block, the camera doesn't move and I think it removes the player once they go off screen.

cthrn responds:

aw shit

Very fun and interesting, but I wish there was a way to zoom in and out so that the platforming could be a bit easier without taking away from the original game.

Controls could be a little better and it could be zoomed in just a little more but great concept.

Making an existing casual game to become more exciting, i really love it, but i would like a higher resolution too, this is so small it hurts my eyes.

cthrn responds:

Yeah, I completely agree with the small resolution issue. I kiiinnnddaaaa figured it wouldn't matter too much, bc players can just zoom Newgrounds up with Control+ , but it's still a pretty big problem.
But at the same time, I'd rather have the game be too small than too big. You can only gain quality from zooming in, while you lose quality from zooming out yaknow?
Thanks for the feedback though! I'll keep it in mind for my future games!

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3.07 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2019
2:15 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle