Austin Talks: Episode 8 (The Legendary Florida man)

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Hope you guys enjoy! its good to be back! also sorry for the audio quality:/

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Love you guys i hope to see you on the next episode of Austin Talks!

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So this was another fun story here as always you bring on some nice ideas great voice as always now you know me so im most probbably gonna say ad some subtitles lol but hoestly this was fun and entertaining you have some good ideas and glad you push them forward.

make more sometime soon


Heeey I think I spotted RAMUSH in the midst of this! :D Also nice but(s).

The story itself: entertaining as always, and this time it also feels almost unrealistically crazy. Must've been pretty unreal finding yourself in such a situation... or not, considering you do live where you live and seem to know all about how crazy a place to live that place is, but nevertheless: made for quite a story!

Feeling like some of the imagery flickers past faster than you can catch it (not just the butts), but overall good fun! Appreciate these.


AustinJayCook responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed bother, yeah I lived in Florida my whole life before moving to California, it was one hell of an experience!

I'm getting a little better with timing believe me I'm gonna start pacing myself a little more :)

Wow, that was pretty funny. I had no idea what was going on. I admit I probably only like it because I live in Florida. I know that we have some really weird stuff going on. I've lived in many states, but this is the one where I've lived the longest. It's quite an experience.

I loved seeing the stock footage. It was nice to see modern use of it. Well, modern stock footage. I loved the "South Park" footage. I didn't see the other episodes.

AustinJayCook responds:

That's okay if you ever get a chance I think you'll like them :)