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One More Lost Planet

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This is a game about a little planet called little OwO. He got sucked into a black hole and now he has to fight his way through the galaxies to get back home.


This game was made for the BlackThornProd GameJam #2. This is a one-week Game jam and the deadline was 3-2-2019.

The content in this incl art, sounds are made by the developers.

We used the first day of the game jam to come up with some ideas and we sketched some concepts for the game.

Concept Enemies:

Concept Map:

We spend the rest of our game jam days developing the core and after that adding in the artwork.

Social Media:

if you are interested in following our work check out the social media accounts of the developers.


(Zax): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGdFkzz7xOZTxPiVyd2MLZQ


(Zax) https://twitter.com/allaith_hammed

(A_ColtZz) https://twitter.com/A_ColtZz


(Zax) https://www.instagram.com/zax_dev/


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The playermoney in the shop doesn't increase eventhough I did collect a buncg of coins. Also I don't need to see the movement instructions everytime I replay a level. Lastly, it is a bit unclear which items you can collect and how to shoot the meteorite.

I'm digging this game, it has beautiful graphics, cool effects and fun gameplay. However, there were two things which I'm not too sure if they're actually just me doing something wrong, but I think you could take a look at:
-The enemies' hitbox. It seems a bit bigger than the enemies themselves and thus I sometimes lose a life without really touching them, just being really close.
-I don't have any money in the shop after a few runs. Are you supposed to collect many yellow orbs / have a high score to get money, or is there some other error?

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game and really like the game's direction, I'd just suggest to see if you can fix some small errors in it to make it more appealing to people playing it for the first time. Either way, good work! ;)

Good gameplay idea but a bit difficult, maybe you could increase the ball hitbox and reduce the player hitbox.
And the music is really repetitive.

ZAX-DEV responds:

yeah we made it so quick for the game jam so its not in the best form , thanks for trying and commenting tho

It's a pretty neat little time waster. I like the artwork.


ZAX-DEV responds:

thank you :)

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2019
7:44 AM EDT