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Operation : No More WeltKriegs

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Author Comments

A very fun, replayable, quick, simple and quite dynamic game about shooting some terrorists and saving the day. The german terrorist coalition (a.k.a. GTC) has stolen the launch codes to the nuclear bombs of germany, N. korea and russia. You must steal back the codes by any means.

Have fun!

Controlls :

Arrows - Movement

F - fire

R - restart

Q - Menu

K - Kick

G - Grenade throw

UPD : -Changed some level design

-added the Q button.

-Added 2 more AKs to the level

-You now have feedback when you select a weapon in the menu

- New "Options" menu has been added

- Music has been added to the game

-"Sneak, dont speak" is an ingame exclusive from the album Rising Temperature

- The ingame "Soundtrack" has been added

-A secret has been added

UPD 2 : -Making a sequel.

-Remember the USB-s


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It's nice, I made a game or 2 similar to this, I suggest to use Construct 2 / 3 it's a very nice game engine, if you are up to it you can buy it or get it some other way. Keep it up, it's annoying to bounce back when hitting a wall, but it's nice.

MeatWeed responds:

Thanks! I am making a 2nd game. In this game the bouncing will be used more as a gimmick. Also i tried C2, but it aint my thing, I work in CTF Developer. Also thanks for the vote.


Bullets are randomly penetrating walls.
USB in top-right corner is accessible by no means.
Quite often you can't shoot even with bullets present (but they are still depleting) which leads to being always out of bullets.
Grenades for some reason work more like landmines than anything. You can throw one to try to blow up a wall and it just won't detonate if there are no enemies or doors.

You are asked to choose a starting weapon but you can't really choose one.


That part of game mechanics with blowable or unblowable walls is very unintuitive and probably should be explained somewhere accessible mid-play.
Tbh it just seems like all walls should be both blowable by grenades and inpenetrable for bullets. There is barely any need for complication.

Weapon selection doesn't give you any feedback that you have successfully selected a weapon.

Fitting through 2-wide holes feels extremely awkward.

MeatWeed responds:

Dear... player?
The bullets are not randomly penetrating walls. There are penetrable walls that can be destroyed. That is how you find them. All USB-s are accesable. I playtested it 6 times. The bullet issue only occured to me on the AK, but i couldn't find a way to fix it. If you can, help me. (I made it in CT Fusion) I specified the nades in the info section. But i get why it is confusing. You have to click on the weapon twice if you wanna select it.

I am sorry for all of these inconviniences.

The point of the mechanic is to try to FIND the walls to sneak up to the enemy (mostly the AK bosses) NOT to break your way trough. Also the breakable walls cost more space an i have a 1000 obj. limit. Any more and it will crash or freeze. Also the walls have small cracks (will make them more visible in an update maybe). I will try to put the feedback in and the whole 2-wide hole thing is kinda intentional. I belive i put it there to try to look for a diffrent aproach or risk taking shots. I will fix it where it's annoying beyond comprehention.
Thanks for the advice.

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2019
5:13 PM EDT