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Geometric Dungeons

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Enter a procedural rogue-like shoot 'em up where you can join forces with three other friends to hoard as much gold as you can.

Challenge your high-scores with a simple control layout that allows anyone to join in on this deceptively simple, yet challenging experience.

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great idea, but it's missing the purpose of "rogue-like"

technically, for a game to be a rogue-like game, there needs to be a minimap, powerups, items... blah blah blah. I could go on but you get the idea.

I enjoyed it. It's a fun Rogue-like/top-down shooter hybrid. The combination of the music, the shooting mechanic, and the shape of the maze made me feel like I was fighting through some futuristic bunker. I like that the enemies got a little tougher as it goes. Also like that the game has the ability to generate a "loaded room" every once in a while. One concern: every so often, levels will come up that have no music. Is that intended or is one of your files not loading?

What the game is missing is reason to keep playing after 4 or 5 levels. As soon as I hit 6, I just got bored. A sense of progression might help. This may not be the type of game where you gain experience levels, but a lot of Rogue-like games include randomly generated loot, sometimes leveled, to keep the player interested. People want to keep playing to see what they'll find around the next corner. In fantasy games, that would be swords, magic, and armor; in this game, it might translate to better guns, power-ups, health refills. Maybe even some negative effects you want to avoid picking up, such as slow-down, paralysis, and temporary gun malfunction. Rogue-likes based on the original game randomize everything, so when you pick up a "red potion" the effect is different every time.

Procedurally generated + permadeath does not a rogue-like make.

As for the game itself... Well, you seem to have the basic functionality well in hand, but that's really all there is to this game(apart from the multiplayer, which I don't care about). And that isn't enough, the game really needs SOMETHING more, whether that's different enemy types, bosses, traps, upgrades...

Another thing is that the game doesn't have pressure. For the most part you can just take your time, fighting enemies one by one or in small groups which(while good design in a turn-based rogue like that relies on strategy) really waters down the experience. That's probably something you should focus on addressing, whether that's by putting on some kind of time pressure or just sending a steady stream of enemies at the player.

Disappointing, but has potential to be something great.

Lukewasthefish responds:

What would you like to see added?

Nice game, smooth gameplay, even if I don't know how to use the money. Is there a shop or something ?

Lukewasthefish responds:

Money is just the score for the game, glad you enjoyed!

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2019
12:04 PM EDT