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Author Comments

A short story game about 'Char1' an AI that has been running on an old pc for years and wants you to complete the game with him to deactivate him so he can get some rest.

Patch notes:

-Fixed Puffin Spike Enchanted Caves cutscene attacks
-Fixed Spikes on Enchanted Caves
-Difficulty of patrol bots on Mech City
-Screen Resolution problems
-Some punctuation stuff

Sorry to anyone who had any issues.

Thanks for playing :P

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amazing game dint beat every level yet but there is one bug i found. if u spam down or crouch and also spam jump u can bassicly fly :p

Were do I begin? I love this so much! While you play the game, you start to get attached to Char1. And His dialogue never gets annoying, It makes you love her (or him) even more! And the decision at the end hit hard. I didn't delete him (or her) Beacuse I've grown to love the little guy! You have made an amazing! Keep it up! :D

Amazing, well done

what makes it hurt the most is the ominous buzzing of the computer at the ending

Man, even though I saw that ending coming it hurt, lol. Great work. I love the simplicity of the character design, and I love how fluidly everything handles. The only reason I scored 4.5 instead of 5 stars is the lack of a difficulty curve; I struggled a little through the first section while I got my bearings but breezed through the caves and the city, so it felt less like a new level and more like a new skin on basically the same challenge.