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The 2D Traveller

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Author Comments

The 2D Traveller is about an old time traveler trying to get back to his own time by going through different levels collecting crystals to charge his machine, all while trying to get around enemy robots sent from the future to stop him.

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For whatever reason the trampolines don't work after the tutorial (using Firefox). Game is currently not playable.

DemetriB responds:

Sorry about that I just released an updated version if you want to try it out!

I beat it all the other commenters are shitters

the extra bounces after the trampoline bounce throw me off and i fall off the ledge. and i notice that if i hit the corner of the trampoline i dont get a bounce and that kills me too.
I also see that i dont get a "fresh" maximum height bounce if i jump from tampoline to trampoline, which, in result, kills me xd.
got to level 2 at least

DemetriB responds:

I fixed that in the new update if you want to try!

I really had to focus to complete your game, It really tested my Patience, all of which i think will make most people NOT even bother completing it, You certainly got the music idea right IMO since it's all adventure-y, if I had not read your description I wouldn't have had a clue to collect all the gems, I couldn't tell i was being hurt by the robots, perhaps a visual que? or sound effect?
The Vertical segments were far too frustrating and difficult to gauge, also there was a sliding problem when hit at an unintended angle that lingered, overall the concept is Neat , I liked the idea of it and can see this evolving, I hope this was Helpful

(Edit) Hello again Demetri, I tried it again, and have a few different things to add, The tutorial did exactly what the game needed it to do so good on ya there.
- there are parts of your level that REQUIRE you to go down a hole to reach the last few crystals, there is very little to no indication that you need to do this until the very end of the level which means players need to do a lot of back tracking which is IMO not very fun, it was instinctual to always take the high ground and to avoid holes in a platformer, but in yours, the rules changes almost every level as they require you to drop in some and in others it kills you, there's merit in keeping consistency among all your levels OR you can simply make it visually apparent that one kills you and the other does not, like maybe have ladders down the ones you need to go down and red warning signs on the ones that kill you, just a suggestion
- Some levels are a lot more linear and easier to follow, like the first stage made it easy for me to know where to go when I couldn't find the last crystals, as where the vertical stages were a lot more frustrating
- In the very last stage I could tell that some of the robots were VERY fast, which just kinda came outta nowhere and is a great way to frustrate someone just about to get the last crystal only to get thrown all the back to the beginning after dying due to very weird hit and hurt box mechanics
all in all its a decent game with plenty of room to grow, I hope you expand on it, hope to see more of your work! Cheers!

DemetriB responds:

I updated the game if you want to check it out!

i get its beta but i cant even finish the first level.

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2019
12:20 PM EST