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Weird night

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Song: Weird Part of the Night by Louis Cole
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoelGuerraC

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At 4:00 in the night. Since then, Margo wasn't sleeping in just ALL night and then she just has an IDEA.
she still can't sleep, but then she notices ula sleeping and SNORING, She's uneasy to wake up, Right?
She was trying to wake her up, with a trumpet, and a cymbal, but then, she was STILL sleeping.
She was going to the roof because Margo really wanted Ula to wake up. So then
She was waiting all night, all evening, and the sunset passed. Then, the dawn also was passing, with morning twilight, and then it was morning. Margo just fell from the roof. And then, Ula finally woke up!!!!!
4.5/5. Not that bad! I love it! I sometimes can't sleep all night.