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Fishy Wishy

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Author Comments

An attempt at the most annoying "kill the time" game ever. Let me know your high score as my best is 9 and I made the bloody thing!

I'm making this for mobile phones but thought I could put it here too.

No, it is not a shameless rip-off.

Just so you know, this is the first time I have ever published a game anywhere... So be nice!

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Not bad for a first attempt. Keep going!

Trying to validate your game's authenticity of not being a rip off in not only in your description but IN GAME intro too just further fuels the fire. This is just a remake of flappy bird with different models and seems like the art was done in paint, block by block. At some point or another you should view the feedback as an eye opener rather than seeing them as spiteful comments. Do you prefer to have fake nice reviews or constructive feedback that may come with awful reviews? I feel this game was done by a kid due to how it lacks in nearly all aspects and how the author has presented himself.

you dont know how to create games why cthis game are in this website

I mean...It's flappy bird..not original,but it's not a bad game either

Oh, people are going to be nice… but you're kinda making it harder for yourself by openly telling them. Throwing in the disclaimers as if you're already expecting an argument just finishes the job. Now, can I really believe the game is going to be awesome before starting it, when even you don't seem all that convinced?

As for the gameplay, there's not much to talk about. It's done well, sure, although it's eerily similar to another rather fun game which has however been done to death already. The problem isn't making a clone, the problem is that 95% of clones of this particular game don't bring anything new apart from a different art style. How about different shapes of obstacles, death mechanic, collectables… anything? Retain the signature movement, but try to add your own touch to the *gameplay*.

A little side note about the pixel art, though. If you decide to go for that particular art style, there are some guidelines you need to follow.
– First of all, consistency. If most of the game is pixel art, there shouldn't be any graphic which is not ("High Score", the ground).
– When you die, two thin black lines appear. That suggests you didn't set the camera, canvas, sprites or something to be pixel perfect – which can cause seams like this when you move.
See if this approach helps to solve it:
– No antialiasing or compression. In sprite import mode, set the Filter mode to 'Point (no filter)' and make sure you're not using a lossy image format like jpg (e.g. the dead fish looks blurry, and the ground is one big compression artefact).
– The font looks… hand-drawn? That's cool and all, but it results in bad spacing between the letters and uneven thickness ('w', 'g' or 'y'). There are plenty of free pixel fonts you can use, even for commercial use, for example this one:

It's a 'good enough' game, especially from a beginner, so please do continue and improve; but the fun in trying out a new creator's work is from seeing your creativity and ideas despite some flaws here and there, not the ability of being able to accurately replicate a well-known game. Please keep that in mind before completing the mobile version – and good luck.

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2019
11:30 AM EST